New Moon Can Help You In Getting Long Hair !!!

The first and foremost step that one should focus on in pursuit of long luscious locks is the 'healthy hair'. So, obvious right! But...

The first and foremost step that one should focus on in pursuit of long luscious locks is the 'healthy hair'. So, obvious right! But what is healthy hair?

There are numerous factors that affect our hair growth such as lack of nutrients, hygiene and external factors in the form of heat, dust and, force.

Coming straight to the point on how to achieve healthy hair is letting go of unhealthy ends by trimming them off!

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There is a '30 Day Hair Growth challenge' on Instagram for fulfilling your dream of long hair. Whatever we will be posting there, we will be explaining it here in detail.

As the first post was about channeling the energy far away from this earth. Today, we will discuss the affect of moon on the human body. We have become so engrossed in today's fast world that we overlook the fundamental laws of life around us.

A brief idea about 'energy' and why it matters?

Moon & Me
According to Vedas, we are composed of 5 basic elements- earth, water, air, fire and space. It is not like upon combining all 5 things, a human can be created. But to make it comprehensible- it means like that whatever we have in our body is one way or the other in these 5 forms only. And these elements have profound affect on the body.
In school, we used to study 'Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but can only be transmitted from one form into the other'. 
This statement is the basis of everything around. This universe is nothing but a gallon of different sorts of energies. I am typing, my mental energy is getting transformed into the physical one. Like that, it is a vast topic. It was just to present an idea of 'Energy' to you. So,

What is the link between Moon and us?

Moon & the Feminine energy

Moon symbolizes powerful 'feminine energy'. Every person has masculine and feminine energy within. It is the balance of both the energies that keeps us sane and happy. 

The Moon takes 27 days, 7 hours, and 43 minutes to complete one revolution around the Earth, signifying serenity, intuition, and reincarnation much similar to a woman’s body which has the ability to cleanse and rejuvenate itself through menses every 28 days.

It is a very well known fact that 'Moon' causes high and low tides, the waxing and waning of moon affects the growth of crops. Of course, this cosmos is infinite, and the moon isn’t the only celestial being that can interfere with our mind and body.

We, all are astronomical bodies, with some level of energies within us and other stars and planets affect our body. Since they are much bigger than us, they impact us more than we do to them. Like Moon, Venus is the planet associated with beauty, so when Venus goes into retrograde, which happens roughly every one and a half years, definitely try to avoid making any major beauty changes.


An interest in energy and its impact on our body led me to an article about moon and I found that during the night of the dark/new moon, when there is no moon in the sky. It is believed that feminine energy within us is at its lowest point. To safe guard her well-being, she is advised to spend time in quiet, and do some inward reflection. It is the time for new beginnings! Be it a new assignment, new resolutions, it is the best time to manifest from 0 to 1. 

The Phases of Moon

Likewise when the moon is full, feminine energy is at its highest point. She is encouraged to be more expansive, to get involved socially, and to finish long-term projects.

My hair- 

Ready for some action

I have oily scalp and dry, wavy hair. Not a good combo! Apart from this, I usually keep it in a bun so there is lot of pressure on my hair strands. The hair is growing beautifully from the roots but somewhere below the neck, they lose their charm, becomes thin and, prone to breakage. I have colored my hair exact 1 year back and, cut only once or twice in a year. My problem is I am not able to grow them. I love long hair but my hair are not growing beyond my upper back.

So, I have decided to 'Try trimming it every month' (approx. 1 cm to start with)

Tip💡 - Use Sharp pair of scissors!

It was new moon night on May 22. 2020- I trimmed my hair. Whether it was the new moon or not, my hair felt good after trimming the ends, it was soft and smooth. I am pretty sure you also must have felt the same whenever you trim your hair. It is the same as pruning our plants off the dead ends.


Trim Hair on the New Moon

When the moon was waxing, or becoming full, it is considered astrologically wise to cut hair, as the energy is building toward growth and bountifulness.

 Let us harness the energy from marvelous, luminescent satellite of ours for our own benefit. I will be trimming my hair every month on new moon from now onwards, Let us see after 7-8 months, how much beneficial it gets. Till then, good bye! Be stay hone, stay safe. Wear a mask please!

-A Glow of Happiness!