About A Person Who Is No Less Than A 'GOD'- A Real Superhero

A Person not my parent but still has all the respect, A Person who belongs to the other religion, But he sees no religion. A Person...

A Person not my parent but still has all the respect,

A Person who belongs to the other religion,
But he sees no religion.

A Person who is no less than a God,
But God.
I have not written in months on my blog. But this person made me come back and pen down a few generous words about him. 

Meet Afroz Shah

I have tears in my eyes while I am writing this. I do not know him personally but got to him through Instagram. A Lawyer by profession, he was the one who started the initiative to clean the world's largest and India's most dirtiest Versova beach all by himself, after which other volunteers also joined him. People working 9-5 know how hard it is to manage our own lives but this person has a full-time job and still takes out time for others. A social worker in real terms!

 I see him as the greatest man on this earth. In this period of global pandemic, he is still working every day to feed the poor and provide them with not only food but medication and most importantly LOVE. His name is Afroz Shah. I guess you can make that out by yourself by just looking at the post below. This post had me in tears!

He has won the 'CNN Indian of the year 2017' and also been laureated as the 'Champion of the earth' by UNEP. But if you scroll through his posts. It is so easily comprehensible that he does not work for fame, any publicity or so. His work is as pure as his eyes and his smile.  

We are sitting so comfortably at our house with proper food, water, and entertainment but still complaining about things and lock-down. Yesterday only I was like I want this dessert and this dish. Today I am slapped with the harsh reality of others- People are out there eating dry leaves and, what a single hot-cooked meal means for them. I am ashamed of myself. I thank this universe for giving me all the privileges that I am safe and sane at the comfort of my house.

Every time you feel like complaining go through that post. Trust me, who will find a change in yourself. I literally stopped every work of mine to say-

Thank you Afroz. Thank you for helping others. Thank you for doing things that many only wish to do.  As the saying goes-
Not all superheros wear capes.
You are India's own Super Hero! A role model for others. I too like others wish to do things that you are doing. In the end, we will be taking nothing with us, but our actions(our karma) towards others.
Thank you again from everyone of us. Lots of love and blessings from my side. This world needs more people like you.