5 Amazing Cafes To Hop In Bir Biling

Bir, You beauty!!! It was the time of October with the Sun and the clouds playing pee-ka-boo all day long. The view of the floating ...

Bir, You beauty!!!

It was the time of October with the Sun and the clouds playing pee-ka-boo all day long. The view of the floating Clouds, blanketing up the peaks around gladdened up my days over there.

Well, Bir is much, much, much more than this adventure junkie's place. You can witness the most amazing red fireball sunsets, picturesque landscapes, clear skies, waterfalls hidden beneath the blanket of misty clouds and last but not the least its AMAZINGGG FOOOODDD.

Every town of Himachal has its own charm.

If you have visited McLeodganj you will know how modernized it is. It has everything a metropolitan city in India has. With the passage of time, it has turned into a major tourist spot and that is where Bir earns an extra point. It still has maintained a low key profile instead of being the world's second highest paragliding site.

Why I mentioned McLeodganj is for the love of the food it offered to me when I was there. If you have read my earlier blogs you will know it  And now it is, Bir that won my heart in terms of its cafes and their food.

Steamed momos from the lil roadside shop

I am not a food blogger, I didn't try every other cafe but I did try a few. I loved the experience and felt it was worthwhile to pen it down and let the world also know about it.

I hope these cafes won't let you down (Fingers crossed😋) Click on the name to go straight to their insta page!

5. Pindi Kitchen

It might not be having an attractive name plate but I bet you find a better outer ambiance than this. With a view of the landing site, para-gliders gliding by, Sun saying goodbye in a most dramatic way, sky's changing color every now and then. It's not over yet, the fields on your side with the fountain grass swaying freely with the view of the mountain top is surreal. I was lucky enough to witness the freshly snow laden peaks.

Now coming to other vital things i.e., food 😋 We were starving, we hadn't had our dinner properly last night. We tried something different- parantha, maggi, and tea. ( please don't close the tab, I love you. It's just I try to be funny at times). The food at Pindi kitchen tasted amazing and they don't even charge you for the best view that they offer.

The Fireball

No filter view
Food ★★★⍣

4. The Northern Cafe

A Cozy and Peaceful Cafe
You need an eagle's eye to find this cafe. This hidden gem is situated somewhere in the mid of the fields and away from the main market. With or without company, this place is mesmerizing and will soothe your tiredness. The host is also very welcoming!
Also the perfect place to witness the moon rise from the balcony. 
Laughing evenings with the unknown friends :)
I am a connoisseur of herbs and natural products. I ordered rose petal infused tea. Although we didn't taste any proper food. But the tea made me its fan. Generally things good for our health doesn't taste good but it was nice.

Food ★★★★
Ambiance ★★★★
Service ★★★

3. Breakfast at Karyashala (Bir Canteen)

Not majorly a cafe but a co-working space, as the name 'Karyashala' suggests. The chef of its kitchen has finger-licking cuisines to offer starting from the breakfast to the dinner parties by the most earnest hosts- Rahul, Manpreet, and Anisha.

This place hosts a lot of people who have decided to work not from home but mountains! Be it singers, computer programmers, or any artist for that matter. Your evenings will never be boring. They have music events and skill workshops every now and then.

Cold nights made us lazy. But what better than hot scrumptious dinner ready to eat, on our lap!

Starting with the mushroom-cheese sandwichesaloo-pyaaz parantha (feels like 'maa' has prepared em) and a cup of hot tea in the breakfast to the peri-peri fries, made whole-heartedly by Anisha herself  and, the garlic fried rice, dal makhni, and dum-aloo in the dinner. All you get is love served, which you can enjoy at the big stump tree table in the center.

Yumm...yumm morning saga

Food ★★★★
Ambiance ★★★
Service ★★★★

2. The Silver Lining

Utterly butterly serene verandah surrounded with 6 ft. tall maize fields
The small hut that this place looks like, is hard to find from the road but ask any local around and they would point out to the exact location. The indoor setting is warm and comfortable.

Akhri Paassttaaa with lemon ginger honey.
Since it was the navratra time, I ordered for pasta and my favorite honey lemon ginger drink. My नास्तिक friends settled for an omelette with tea. Omelette looked so succulent that without even tasting it I would have given it 5 stars.

Yaar ye omelette ne mera dil jeet liya. Itna cheessy!! just awesome...

Bread omelette dipped in honey with fruits- A perfect English breakfast
The food is made fresh so can suffice for the slow delivery. Also it was raining outside and we were sitting and chatting and gazing at the huge maize field in front of us. The outdoor setting gave me a very peaceful and serene vibes. It seemed like country side location with no people around, just us friends. Overall this place gets a big big thumbs up from me!!!
I could have walked 100 times back n forth. I liked this particular area so very much 💙
Food ★★★★
Ambiance ★★★★
Service ★★★

1. June 16 cafe

Me enjoying my desert along with a fake Candid!
This dainty little cafe, which you simply cannot ignore while strolling on the main market road, is owned and run by a couple who decided to settle in this peaceful place a few years back.
Choco-Nutty Sundae
We tried choco-nutty sundae, cold coffee, and a choco-walnut cake.
All of it was so delicious!
That we ordered to take more of packed choco-walnut and banana-walnut cake with us. This cafe made me believe that there can be beautifully designed pastel-themed cafes in the mountains too, serving overwhelmingly good food.

I guess they don't have a fixed menu but keep on changing it by writing on their black board. For an extra fun fact- June 16 is named after the date its owner confessed their love to each other. It was something so pure and worth the awwww🎔 They got married last year only.

Food ★★★★★
Ambiance ★★★
Service ★★★

I couldn't stop myself  but to mention three more cafes, I have heard a lot about them, but couldn't pay a visit to them due to time constraints:

1. Garden Cafe-

Old but gold kinda feelings to it
Once used to be a hangout for para-gliders from the past, when there were no second options in his village, this cafe has still a very good reputation in Bir. During my morning stroll, the name caught my attention. The entry looked like a normal home but I heard the inside is really charming and don't skip aunty's चाय  along with a pancake there.

2. Ara Cafe-

Located on the terrace of a beautiful property परवतः  at Bir it's undoubtedly one of the best places to have a meal at.
I am hungry already, now
Seeing the above picture, all I want to scream- "Moooommm! I am hungry." But then I remember I am old, independent, and I don't live with my parents. But if you are in Bir and want to relish famous local Himachali thali, you need to place the order 2 hours in advance. I have heard the owners are very warm and welcoming.

3. Avva's Cafe-
Through the window of my car :)

An authentic south Indian cafe which gives you the flavor of south is a must try cafe for all south Indian food lovers. Avva which means Mother in Telugu, serves you food totally homemade with fresh ingredients.
Welcoming you with a Rasam and boiled chana snacks.
An open sitting area where you can enjoy the mesmerizing view around adds an extra star to it.  So next time you are in Bir, don't forget to do cafe hopping and let us know which one was your favorite? Did it surprised you too?

Thanks Bir!

-A Glow of Happiness