Why My Skin Pores Are Large All Of A Sudden? Everything You Need To Know How To Treat Large Open Pores

Have you ever been through that embarrassing moment when someone told you "Your nose is full of blackheads"? Yeah happens with me...

Have you ever been through that embarrassing moment when someone told you "Your nose is full of blackheads"? Yeah happens with me every time I visit a salon. The beautician over there is like " When was the last time you had a cleanup?" It seems as if I am the dirtiest, filthiest and unhygienic person who has ever visited her. So much of self-loathing and humiliation.

Well, these days dermatologists have come up with a term to address the obsession with one’s facial pores- 'porexia'.  One of the biggest complaints estheticians hear from their clients is that the client wants to minimize the appearance of their facial pores. It’s not just women who are concerned about large, clogged pores but men also a lot. 

Large pores are a serious problem like acne and spots

This post caters to the people like me who are laid back, don't go to parlor often and still want to have awesome skin. Trust me it was not at all difficult. A simple understanding of the easy science behind how your skin actually functions and then treating it accordingly. 
Your skin is specific to you. You cannot treat it like how that Instagrammer, YouTuber or your friend is treating his or hers.

Starting with the basics:


Pores are the tiny openings on the surface of the skin that allow sweat and sebum to leave the body. They help our body in eliminating oils & toxins.


1. Pores do not open and close regularly: MYTH

Warm water does soften the skin, making it easier to clean the pores.

2. The Oilier the skin, the larger the Pores: FACT

If you find your skin more oily, automatically your pore size too will be increasing. It will soon appear as if an orange peel.

Our skin is always creating new skin cells and shedding old ones. The sebaceous glands create natural oils (sebum) that are meant to nourish your skin. In a perfect world, sebum would simply keep skin soft and hydrated. However, there are times when sebaceous glands can become overactive. During these periods, your sebaceous glands can actually create too much oil, which can cause dead skin cells to stick together instead of shed off. In clogged pores, the sebum from the oil glands can't move out. As a result, stretches the pores. Even after the clog is gone, the pore may remain stretched and visible.


3. Your pores belong to your parents: FACT

Yes, genetics decide the size of your pores. Your skin is decided according to the skin of your parents.

4. Blackheads & whiteheads cause open pores: MYTH

It is instead the opposite! They are the result of large pores and oily skin.

5. Pore size can be changed: MYTH

It is not something to do once and it will be gone forever. You have to take care of it every 3 days or once every week at least. Regular exfoliation help return the pore to its original size. Pores cannot be shrunk permanently. But with the right products they can be made look smaller temporarily. Keeping pores cleaned out is going to make them look a lot smaller

6. With age, pore size increases: FACT

Sun exposure and the aging process gradually decreases the production of collagen and elastin, responsible for the elasticity of our skin. Hence, pores become stretched downwards, look saggy and appear bigger in size.

If left unattended, they stay open and grow bigger in size

Hence, the TOP 4 REASONS for the large pores are:

1. Excess oil production
2. Not exfoliating properly
3. Sun-damage
4. Aging

We can conclude that,


Though we cannot control us growing old we can surely do something about the first 3 pointers. We can also use anti-aging serums and toners in our late 20s to delay the aging process and in fact, can grow more beautiful for our age.


My T-zone used to be oily but slowly it started growing more towards my cheek area too. It was due to the fact that I started doing dance and used to sweat a lot. That means my pore were active and dancing on the floor means playing with dust and dirt too. So as a result, I noticed an increase in their size. But before it was too late I took some immediate measures to stop the damage!

Basically, you have to control your skin's OIL PRODUCTION

The good news is, even if you can't fix large pores, you can certainly control them and prevent them from getting any bigger. Follow these tips:

1. Absorbing cloth:

Keep a set always handy
Never let excess oil be on your skin. For that, wash face judiciously 3 times a day ( morning, afternoon and before sleep). You can also keep a tissue or a handkerchief with you to absorb oils after every 2 hours or so.

2. Cleansing:

Even the lazy ones can use a cleanser with salicylic acid or glycolic acid routinely. Make sure that you do not over wash. Some examples of face washes for combination skin:

  • Cetaphil oily skin cleanser
  • Hyseac Cleansing gel

Over-washing causes your skin to become dry leading to sebaceous glands becoming more active and secreting more natural oils.

3. Exfoliation:

It should be done at least once or twice a week depending upon your physical activity and the amount you stay in dirt, dust or pollution prone areas. I generally use homemade scrubs. They are mild and not irritate your skin.

Homemade scrub 1:

Grind black masoor daal and keep it in an airtight jar. Keep it away from any sort of contact with water. Whenever you wish to scrub, add honey to it and scrub, scrub and scrub it away!!

Homemade scrub 2:

Take some wheat flour on your palm and add rose water/milk to it. It is milder than a lentil scrub and a brilliant complexion improving face mask too.

4. Nose Strips:

Miniso is both pocket-friendly and skin-friendly. I love Miniso 💕
I was shopping at Miniso's outlet. When out of nowhere I found these pore contracting strips and I just wanted to give it a try. They were really good at taking your white and black both heads out. My nose felt silky smooth after this.

Our next target is 'Skin-Aging'

5. I.C.E treatment:

Try this & thank me later! The afterward glow is unparalleled
I call it Ice Cooling Effect! Lame, but yes we have studied in science, in cold conditions things contract. Dipping your face in a bowl full of icy cold water or massaging it with ice cubes contracts the pores too. For extra added benefits you can add aloe vera gel to it.

6. Serum:

Right after cleansing, it is utterly important to apply toners and serum to your face. Recently I found a serum which adds glow to my skin in one night. It is StBotanica Hyaluronic Acid Facial Serum + Vitamin C, E
and I use my 'Gua Shua' tool to apply it. You can find that too on amazon.
Skin Care Toning Massage Tool Anti Wrinkle Anti Aging Treatment Jade Roller

7. Make-up routine:

Make it a habit to apply a primer before the application of heavy make-up so as to avoid the clogging of your pores and never sleep with your make-up on. Besides causing pimples, it makes pores enlarged too which is why removing make-up is so important.

I have found Garnier's Micellar oil to be very effective to remove makeup or else you can use virgin coconut oil but you have to wash your face afterward.

8. Right Masking:

Charcoal mixed with fuller's earth (multani-mitti)
Mud, clay and egg masks work brilliantly for large pored skin. Fuller's earth, bentonite clay, and kaolin mask are your options.

Ever wondered why orange peel resembles your skin texture? I can tell you because it helps you minimize your pores. Nature has answers to all your problems.
Make fresh chemical free natural orange at home

Close enough?
Eggs besides making delicious half-fries and excellent hair conditioners. Egg white nourishes and tightens the skin. 

Pro tip: Since these egg white masks tend to be runny and may drip, wear an old T-shirt to avoid spoiling your good clothes.

DIY Egg White Face Mask:

The egg sheet mask is easy and super effective!

  1. If you can steam your face that would be an ideal first step
  2. Place egg white into a small bowl.
  3. Squirt 2-3 drops of lemon juice into the bowl and whisk.
  4. Apply the mixture with a face brush.
  5. Immediately take some toilet paper/tissue and tear it into strips. Apply all over the face.
  6. Once complete, brush excess egg white onto face over the tissue.
  7. Leave on for 15-20 minutes.
  8. Once completely dry, gently peel off the tissue in an upward direction (you’ll be able to see all the goo you pulled out of your skin).
  9. Apply moisturizer and TA-DA! Brightened and blackhead-free skin!
Other things to take care of is the daily use of sunscreen. If the damage is already done, treatments that aim to stimulate collagen need to be done under the proper guidance of a dermatologist.

I hope these steps help to deal with the problems of open, large pores. I too am struggling with the problem and taking care of them doing these measures.

Let me know if any of these proved helpful to you too. It will be great to know that :)

Keep Glowing!
Love 🧡
-A glow of happiness