#30 Days of Self-Love Challenge: PART-1

Good Vibes only! 'Self-love' is the term used more often in this generation than ever before. It means feeling good about ones...

Good Vibes only!
'Self-love' is the term used more often in this generation than ever before. It means feeling good about oneself, being in a state where you are aware of yourself. If you are not aware of your own self, how can you be aware of your surroundings? We can't spread the joy if we ourselves have meddled inside our heads.

Self-love is an art of purifying your body, mind, and soul. It is a cleansing process inside out. Before starting your self-love regime:

1. It is good to go through all the 30 days steps at once.

2. At any point, you can change the daily target as per your need.

Most people start a plan and end up quitting. EXCEPT YOU.

Day 0: Sleep early maybe 9-10 PM. Seems weird? Yes, we should know how it feels to be before (maybe 'on') time.

Day 1: You are in no hurry. Stretch it out and go slow. Drink detox water first thing in the morning. Eat your breakfast before 9 today. Also, buy some fruits for the next day.

Day 2: Soak 10 almonds and eat all the tasty fruits you bought the previous day.

Day 3: A perfect day to do steaming & a face mask. You need that extra glow on your face.

Day 4: Add new positive affirmations sticky notes to your wall. I will start doing this...I will not compare myself to strangers on the Internet...

Day 5: No junk food for the day. No chips and fried foods.

Dear Myself,
Day 6: Hair spa day. Pamper your hair at home

Day 7: Take a walk and enjoy the little things you see while walking. Notice minute details that you have never realized before. Absorb yourself into the moment.

Day 8: Drink 8 glasses of water.

Day 9: Clean your wardrobe. Cleaning your surroundings makes you think clearly and increases your focus.

Day 10: Take a bath with a bath bomb and flower petals. Boys! Nature didn't create flowers just for women. Embrace the feminine power inside you. Take a hot shower and relax.

Goal Digger!
Day 11: Make a sugar scrub and exfoliate your lips.

Day 12: Spray your bed and pillows with 2-3 drops of your favorite essential oil.

Day 13: After you reach home, do not call anybody. Be with yourself and read a book that you always wanted to read but never got enough time for it.

Day 14: Do some breathing exercise for 5 mins 3 times today ( morning, afternoon and before bed)

Day 15: Give some love to your home (earth) today. Use zero single-use plastic today and thank trees, air, sky, and soil around you. Be grateful for what you have been given. Spread positivity and absorb the same.

"Create yourself"
Day 16: You have been doing great so far. Treat yourself your favorite dessert maybe.

Day 17: Write your thoughts down. Why are you feeling what you are feeling, your ambitions, your plans to achieve them?

Day 18: Call your loved ones and tell them you love them and missed them. If you live with your parents. Hug them for no reason. Spread love. Also, there is no harm in giving them a head or a foot massage.

Day 19: Work out for 1 hour.

Day 20: You're killing it. So keep going!! Exfoliate your hands and legs. Get a manicure and pedicure done. You can do it yourself and then put on fuzzy socks overnight.

You are the storm
Day 21: Take out your sketchbooks and start coloring. Go as wild as you can.

Day 22: Tell yourself in the mirror that you are a strong, confident beautiful woman. And men be like You are strong, confident handsome man.

Day 23: I can't believe it, we made till day 23. Wow! such perseverance. We love ourselves.
Today is a rest day. Water your plants.

Day 24: Buy yourself what you always wanted to buy. Keep everything in your cart and wish list some of the things so that you can buy them later if not now.

Day 25: Go out on a weekend & take some beautiful photos.

I am selfish, so what? who ain't?
Day 26: Dance on one complete song.

Day 27: Wake up early and watch the sunrise.

Day 28: Get yourself some popcorn, and chilled juice and enjoy a movie.

Day 29: Put some of the rose water in an ice cube tray and put the ice cubes under your eyes.

Day 30: You are a champ! You made it...These 30 days were like the best days of my life. Buy yourself a flowery plant.

 I hope this post helps you somewhere at some point in time. Comment below your thoughts and what you do to enjoy your own company?

-A Glow of Happiness