Things I Would Say To The Innocent 18 year Old Me !!!

The time we hit puberty, we become vampires. With our feelings heightened, we are brimming with energy and emotions. What to do! where to g...

The time we hit puberty, we become vampires. With our feelings heightened, we are brimming with energy and emotions. What to do! where to go! If we are happy, we dance and jump, whereas if sad, it seems like the end of the world.

Everything we are doing seems to be right and everything else wrong.
Have these feelings occurred to you too, when you were a teenager? or are still there...

Well, I was into studies kinda meritorious student and have never put me into trouble that much. The 'trouble' I am talking about might seem nothing today but when we are young, dumb and broke, I remember crying about those petty things.

I consider myself privileged enough that I was strong headed, no bad thought ever came to my mind. And today also, when there are many things to bother me and kill my mind's peace, I think through it and try to do anything that will help me out to be in a better situation. But some don't.

They are depressed and desolate about being bullied, fat-shamed, not scoring well in the exams, tired being a loser!

I could have never connected with this mindset, why can't a person get out of his sadness?
Why does a person feel like a loser? until recently...

I was the so-called intelligent student, secured above 90 % all the time. Even though I did not do that well in my competitive exams after 12th. But I knew there is something great stored in God's kitty for me- "I am meant to be great".
With time, everything falling into place perfectly, you get a good job, life is comfortable, I grew mediocre, I felt like I was not made for something big.

I started many small ventures and left them midway. I start things and leave them. Similarly, I used to think that I am a good dancer. I joined professional classes. After 1 year of training, I learned that I have a lotttttttt to learn. Recently, We had a competition where hundreds of the students from our academy participate against each other and seeing myself not only losing but performing bad, broke my heart. I felt embarrassed. They are kids, people who joined the course with me doing better than me. It might seem like a first world problem, but I was deeply unhappy about my incompetence in general.

Sometimes in life, even a tiny incident adds to the problem and we need a little motivation.

This post is a reminder for all those who have been feeling like a loser, sad or down in life.

To redeem yourself if you are in a bad place and cannot see any way out especially when you are 18, you are just out of school. You now have the 'partial' freedom ( The complete comes once you stand on your feet and start earning obviously 😆), like me some of you move out of your hometowns. You are a free bird. You can sleep, roam, and get addicted to bad things as much as you want.  There are a few things I would like to telepath somehow and tell to the 18-year old me:

1.Travel as much as you can:

Travel is getting to know- Who the person inside you really is!
One thing I am disappointed about that during my college days, we traveled zero. We used to eat, sleep and repeat.

Traveling makes you a better version of yourself. You grow faster than ever. While traveling, I cannot afford the company of blood-sucking people.
When we are young, we are friendly and everyone is our friend. Choose your buddies wisely. True friends are not hard to find but it is harder to know who is not :)

Traveling with your buddies makes the bond even stronger
Travel solo- You learn how to take care of yourself and connect with nature but yourself first.

Travel but don't trash

2. Relationships:

You are in this lovey-dovey relationship. But let me warn you- The relationships are very fragile when you are in that age. I am not saying it is anybody's fault. It is just we (both parties) are not mature enough to handle things. The boy you like, may mean nothing to you in a few years time. I am not saying all relationships suck. You can either have a long-lasting friend or a lesson learned. Just choose someone who respects the people who don't even matter to them.
Love is literally in the air
Do not choose a handsome or popular guy/girl. There will be many who will 'act' to be your friend and that they understand you. Instead, be with someone is passionate about their dreams, is hardworking and is emotional about something in their life. Then only he can understand you too.

3. Love:

Family forever <3

As a teenager, I was a rebel with 'why this, why that' kinda attitude to my parents. At times stubborn too. But doesn't mean I cared any less for them. It is just the phase of life when we are the kings, and queens, and the stars of the story. Until reality strikes! But your parents love you like anything.

"My parents don't understand anything"

"They are too strict"

Yes, it can be true. But I will give you one suggestion here. What worse can a parent do, beat you? Yes, the worst nightmare of a kid. Indian parents do not think much when it comes to beat the shit out of their kid. But it is just how they have brought up too. You have been brought up in the internet era, you have access to the motivational sessions, quotes, and wisdom. They didn't! They had the most conventional methods of making a kid understand. If they are not understanding you, you try and understand their side. Why are they behaving like that and try to help yourself by attacking at the right spot. Bang on!

4. Time:

For me, it is dancing, But I got into it late. I wish I has joined early :)

10 years later, as you will grow. You will understand the fact that life is short and you have so many aspirations to fulfill. Focus on building skills.

Make a bucket list for yourself and a diary of what 'new' you have learned in this month, or year. This will help you keep track of your growth. If you want to learn swimming, learn it this month. Be it dancing, any musical instrument, any new language or software. Enhance your skills and thank me later.

5. It Won't Be The Same Tomorrow!

Looks can be changed by us anytime

What you think of yourself is more important than what others think of you. If you can't respect yourself, don't expect others to do it for you. If you have apprehensions about how you look. Change it if you want to, not because everyone else makes fun of you.

I had braces when I was in school. That time it was not cool. But luckily, My classmates making fun of me was taken by me on a lighter note. I won't call it bullying but normal fun-making.

It didn't bother me much. But as I entered the 16-17 age group. My concern about how my hair looked, why am I so thin enhanced. Other girls look so hot! I started spending too much time bothering about my looks, which definitely took my precious time which I should have focussed more on the things that mattered.

Believe me, Nobody is perfect!

Nobody has perfect skin, hair, or the body. It is the confidence which makes one. And the confidence comes when you are skillful. Don't be a shallow person.

6. It is okay to be selfish.

Selfish, Bitch #$6@!
Don't do anything to please your friends or to show something off.
Learn to say NO. I know how difficult it can be. Well, It was for me. I have been with people, won't call them friends though. I used to think that everyone we talk to, 'call' as friend hai and in return they will try to suck the little pocket money you get.

Are you? :D
Even with your best buddies, being selfish at times is not bad. But honesty about it, is what it takes.
Do not keep anything in your heart. Say what is on your mind with good intentions and not to hurt other person's sentiment too.
Remember not everyone is your friend, friends are special. You don't choose them, friendship happens. The ones where it just happened to me are still with me until today.

On the ending note, Our fathers play a very important role in the formation of our minds. Whatever your father must have told or guided you at some point in time. You remember that when you grow old. I remember him saying, teens are the most crucial part of a person's life. It can either make or break his future. Though he used to tell me this in respect to the studies. and which is true also.

I hope you liked the article, in case you want to share your story comment below :) Happy to read.

-Team Shongruff
A glow of happiness🌟


  1. I hope i had this article when i was a teen. Your stories feed so much positivity in my soul.

  2. Loved this ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Shukriya :) <3 Your comment made me revisit my blog today which has been lying dormant for months now...