Top 6 International Cheap Travel Ideas From India

Everyone likes to travel, some take it as a hobby and other as a necessity to get away from their everyday busy routine. The time when y...

Everyone likes to travel, some take it as a hobby and other as a necessity to get away from their everyday busy routine. The time when you plan the best vacation destination, the main and the most important thing comes to your mind is the 'budget'. Whether you plan for a national or an international destination for a vacation, you want it to be budget-friendly. 

There is a myth regarding the international trips that they are expensive. There are many amazing international trips where you can share the delight and thrill in the budget under 1 lac. It is not always necessary that the best international trips are expensive. Actually, it totally depends upon the country you choose as your vacation destination.

Below we have listed top international cheap trips to get rid of the above myth and to make easy for you to plan your cheap international trips in 2019:

Thailand- The World-Renowned Destination

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I would ❤ to visit thailand for the love of street food and the energy of the city like Bangkok
Thailand is one of the cheap international destinations from India which fits within the budget for all. It is one of the best destinations to indulge in mountains, culture, beaches, food and much more. The place is said to be the most economical holiday destination to be visited. There are many spectacular islands where you will get amazing wildlife experiences along with delicious mouth-watering Thai food.

Things to do: in Thailand, you can enjoy local shopping, elephant rides, eat Thai food, floating market tour and relax on beaches.

Places to visit: There are many places to visit in Thailand as the place is a blend of three cities Pattaya, Bangkok and coral island. To explore the culture of this beautiful international destination, you can explore Chiang Mai. The place is very famous for its ancient ruins, temples, opulent royal palaces and vibrant party spots.

Cost per person comes to about Rs. 40,000 to 50,000

2.      Singapore- A Country with a Colorful Culture

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Singapore is the 'Happiest' place in Asia
Singapore is another cheap international destination for budget-friendly vacations. The city is tiny yet modern and celebrates a colorful culture. It presents great bargains where you can shop and can also spend money within your budget. It is among the most visited places in the world. The place is popular for its day excursions or else Singapore cruises which make it the most visited international destination. Don’t forget to explore Singapore at night as it is the time when it is beautifully lit up.

Things to do: Visitors can explore local sightseeing, shopping, nature tours, garden festival, food tours, beach tours, wildlife tours and much more.

Places to visit:  Visit Helix Bridge, Singapore Flyer, Merlion Park, Civilian war Memorial and Temple of 1000 lights.

Cost per person is about Rs. 40,000 to 50,000

3.      Vietnam- A Country with Timeless Charm

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Travel with less plans, and more freedom!
Vietnam is the place to enjoy the timeless charm and is among the best places to visit outside India. The place is well known for its beaches, rivers as well as Buddhist Pagodas. Owing to its timeless charms, many tourists come to explore this beautiful Asian country every year. It is the best international destination for a low budget trip.

Things to do: Visitors can enjoy sightseeing, wildlife tours, Island tours, Cultural tours. Yacht and Boat cruises, local market tours and caving.

Places to visit: You can explore Nha Trand, Hanoi, Ha Long Bay, Mekong Delta, and Ho Chi Minh City.

Cost per person is about Rs. 30,000 to 40,000

4.      Sri Lanka- Best Backpacking Destination

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Don't listen to what they say, Go See!
Sri Lanka is known to be the best backpacking destination and is an abode to landscapes and culture. It is the best cheap foreign destination which should be visited once. Sri Lanka is very famous for the arid plains to highlands, sandy beaches, rainforests, and pleasant climate. It actually resembles India to a great extent.

Things to do: You can enjoy religious tours, heritage tours, adventure sports, plantation visits, wildlife tours, and art and culture tours.

Places to visit: Some must-visit places in Sri Lanka are lake Gregory, Sigiriya rock, scenic train ride from Kandy to Ella, Temple of Tooth Relic, Seetha Eliya garden, tea factory visits, turtle hatchery, snorkeling and Odel for shopping.

Cost per person is about Rs. 35,000 to 40,000

5.      Malaysia- A Perfect Picturesque Destination

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Dare to live the life you always wanted
Malaysia is known to be one of the cheap international destinations from India which will offer much in limited budget. The place has its own charm where visitors will find turquoise waters, pleasant climate, and stunning beaches. The place is recognized as the major tourist hub in Southeast Asia which is very famous for great food, pleasant climate as well as excellent shopping options.

Things to do: Visitors can enjoy Leisure tours, Wildlife tours, Nature tours, cultural tours all along with local sightseeing and shopping.

Places to visit: Explore Sarawak, Labuan, Kapas Island, Rantau Abang Island, Pangkur, and Kuala Lumpur.

Cost per person is about Rs. 50,000 to 60,000

6.  Egypt- The Home of the Pharaohs

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He who returns from the journey is not the same as who he left.
Egypt is a country having a rich history and culture and presents many tourist attractions to visitors. It is the must visit cheap international destination with stunning pyramids, temples as well as mosques. Egypt has many stay options ranging within your budget and which makes it one of the best international destination to visit in the budget.

Things to do: Tourists can enjoy heritage tours, cultural tours, road trips, sand boarding, religious tours, adventure tours, and local market visits.

Places to visit: Explore Dahab, Luxor, Cairo, Alexandria, Giza Necropolis, and  Sharm el-Sheikh, the Red Sea and Sinai.

Cost per person is about Rs 50000/-

From the time you plan a vacation abroad, one thing immediately comes to your mind how much money to save to plan an international trip? Above list of cheap international destinations will help you out for this. So stay updated and enjoy your vacations 2019. Planning an international trip is not just a dream as you have many amazing cheap international destinations where you can enjoy within your budget. Above mentioned cheap destinations will not put pressure on your pocket and undoubtedly where you can get more and more bangs for your buck.

Keep Traveling!
-Team Shongruff