Review Of Orange Peel Scrub And Sandalwood Face Pack By SHWETA KAPOOR IDEAS

I do not think there is anybody in this world who has not complained of pimples, scars, pigmentation, big open pores, and unhealthy skin. S...

I do not think there is anybody in this world who has not complained of pimples, scars, pigmentation, big open pores, and unhealthy skin. Skin related issues are not based on any caste, gender or region.
We spend thousands on skin care products, whereas some take care of it with the natural mixtures.
One such product available online is SHWETA KAPOOR'S ORANGE SCRUB AND CHANDAN PACK. 

Natural & Chemical-free products

I came to know about this product through Instagram. On their IG handle, they had a huge following of 96k people and posted pictures of happy clients with their feedbacks. It got me motivated to try out their product. I wanted to order it for my mom who was complaining of skin aging issues. So I dropped them a text and told them about her problem. I asked them about any product for my skin problem. Got to know they have only 1 product for every skin related problem i.e., ORANGE PEEL POWDER AND CHANDAN FACE PACK. Nevermind, I ordered.

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All you have to do is send them a text on a WhatsApp number 9711988782.

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Let's head straight to the review-


Do you have any of these problems?
It claims to be a pure form of orange peel mixed along with some essential herbs. Not mentioned which herbs. It asserts to remove major skin issues such as tanning, acne, and spots with regular usage.


Orange peel powder
Yes! it does smell like an orange. It seems to be pure and natural.
I don't think the 'essential herb' composition is different in the packs. I believe the pack is the same for all. I felt my skin is happy after I use the product. It is not dry, is soft and supple with a mild shine. What else does a person require?
And anyone can use it, be it male or female.

Good Things 😊:

Beauty is when you can appreciate yourself
With regular usage, you will find slight changes over your face:
  1. Removes tanning all over the face and the body.
  2. Reduces blemishes, acne scars, and spots to some extent.
  3. Helps in removing white/blackheads.
  4. Helps in reducing open pores and thereby tightening skin and act as an anti-aging product.
  5. Skin does not become dry.
  6. Chandan pack is just perfect. 

Not so good things 😐:

If only used with water, the orange pack does not bind together nicely. I have used besan to stick it together
  1. You need a spoon and a small bowl for using it every time. The wide-mouthed jar sometimes leads to overspilling, if you are trying to use just your hands.
  2. The small span of the expiry date. Since it is a natural product, it is expected to less shelf life.
  3. Orange pack while applying gets scattered more than being staying on the skin. You have to use some binding agent along like gram or wheat flour.

How to use it:


I use some homemade Neem powder to add to its benefits

  • The simplest method is to add some water and simply apply as face wash cum scrub.
  • Mix equal quantity of scrub, gram flour (besan) and raw milk to make a paste. Apply all over face and leave for 15-20 mins. Massage and scrub off.
  • Use it twice a day as a face wash, thrice a week as a scrub, and daily on the body.
  • They will send you a message also that for better results, do not use the  pack with rosewater, curd, etc on
  • NO NEED of using soap.
When used with Besan it will look like this

  • Then apply Chandan pack and wait till it is semi-dry.
  • Wash your face with cold water and see the immediate results.


★★★★ / 5 stars.
It is overall a decent product. Worth the money. In case you want to know 'How to make your own nature, 100% pure orange mask at home'

Also, they have another product for hair fall and hair related issues. If you have tried that, let us know your reviews.

Till then, Be happy & Keep glowing.
Lots of love,
-A Glow of Happiness


  1. HAIR products are not great.I had a major major hairball after using the pack.Otherwise skin products are really good.

    1. Thank you so much for your review!! I don't like the fact they don't write the detailed list of their ingredients. They just mention 'other essential herbs'