Make Fresh, Chemical-Free, Natural Orange Peel Scrub/ Mask At Home In 3 Easy Steps

Winter season brings round, sweet oranges along with it. Recall those legendary days when you used to call your friend, and the moment he u...

Winter season brings round, sweet oranges along with it. Recall those legendary days when you used to call your friend, and the moment he used to look back.


All the juice from the peel in his eyes. Haha! Those were the pranks amongst 90s kids. 
Guess what the juice was instead good for the skin.

I have never been a fan of fancy bottles telling us 'natural and pure' when in reality they have only a slight percentage of it and is loaded with preservatives, artificial colors, and fragrances. Last year I made flax seed gel for ageless skin at home

Be radiant as these dazzling-orange bright peels 

Born in a middle-class family, I tend to reduce the waste to the minimum and get the maximum out of a thing. Taking an example of oranges, why to throw the peel when it is not a waste but in fact, 100 gm of peel contains about 50 mg more vit.C than the pulp. Orange peel also contains considerable amounts of calcium, copper, magnesium, vitamin A, folate and dietary fiber.

"I prepared an orange scrub without any hassle at home."

Steps to prepare it-

"Peel, Dry n Grind"

  • First, wash the oranges judiciously before peeling them off to remove all the pesticides Keep them immersed in water like for 10-15 minutes. 

  • Take out the peel and cut them in smaller pieces in order to receive even sunlight.
Cut the peel into shorter size than shown in the picture
I took it in bulk from a vendor who had them freshly peeled. Had to cut them further so as to receive even sunlight. I have mixed it with 'sweet lime' mosambi.  

You can also use clean scissors to cut them more evenly.

  • Let them dry for 3-4 days under the direct sunlight.

  • Do the 'Brittle Test': The peel should be hard and brittle making sure that it has no sign of water left. The water content leads to the growth of microorganisms and bacteria.
Grind and shine🌟

  • If found good for use, grind them well in a grinder.

  • Voila! your scrub is ready
It won't look as bright orange as it used to. Instead it will take the color of the inside of the peel.

How To use:

  • Wash your hands first to use the pack.
  • Use a dry spoon to take out the peel powder so that the moisture from our hands does not reach the powder.
  • You can either use it with besan (gram flour), curd, honey or simply rose water.


Happiness is utilising to the maximum and reducing waste to the minimum

  • It can be made at home: Best homemade scrub.
  • 100% Pure, natural, and fresh.
  • Super Inexpensive.
  • Keeps skin radiant and healthy with an orange glow.
  • If you are suffering from TANNED SKIN. This is the solution.
  • Help get rid of period acne and pimples. It is a boon for OILY SKIN.
  • Gets rid of dark spots and blemishes
  • No wonder nature has given us hints for every remedy. The skin of an orange resembles a human facial skin. You can see tiny pores on its peel. 
A hint for curing open pore problem!
It takes care of open and big pores when used as a face mask. Note: If you have open pores, don't scrub hard and do not forget to use a mask and a toner afterward.


It smells heavenly!

  • It needs to be finished within 2-3 months as it has no preservatives added. For better usage, Keep it dry and in the refrigerator but in an airtight jar to prevent microbial contamination.
I hope you liked my DIY orange peel mask cum scrub. I am a regular user of orange peel powder wish it betters glow and happiness to your face too like it brings to mine everyday.

If you wish to have any other 'DIY mask, face wash or scrub' request. Comment down and I will try to make it and tell you know the process.

Till then,
Keep masking, Keep glowing 😃
and remember that- " YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL !"

-A Glow of Happiness!


  1. It looks easy. Will prepare and share feedback soon 😊