10 Ways To Manage The Menace Of PLASTIC WASTE While Travelling

"It is only 1 water bottle" said - 8 billion people No matter how much we try to avoid it, it has become an inevi...

"It is only 1 water bottle" said - 8 billion people

No matter how much we try to avoid it, it has become an inevitable thing in our life. We cannot abstain from using it because of its omnipresence- The Plastic!

How to ruin a perfect place
Did you read about a  pregnant sperm whale found dead on the beach and the scientists found that the excess plastic found in its body blocked its way to its stomach?

If you are feeling the pain and anguish inside you. Welcome to the group that somewhat slightly somewhere in their hearts does care about mother nature. I go through the same pain everytime I visit Himachal Pradesh. People are turning beauty into trash bin.

I now completely understand the phrase-" Her enemy was her own beauty". 

If we see on a micro level: the soil, like humans, contains five basic elements of nature called earth, air, water, fire, and space. By throwing plastics anywhere, we contaminate the earth and the water it carries. The wildlife gets affected, the birds feeding on insects who are consuming this plastic. We are unknowingly harming so many species. The water that we think is the purest and the safest, might be carrying the poison from the plastic.

And not even the top of the peaks are not kept unadulterated infact are contaminated the most- Beautiful places but covered with wrappers of lays, chewing gums, biselri bottles, cigarette packs, beer bottles, and what not.

Where do you think your plastic waste goes?

So heartbreaking </3 Mothers feeding their babies, death.
It has been taken off from your house does not mean it has been taken off the planet. It is here only.

Chances are it ends up in rivers, land, seas or ocean, putting the marine life at risk. That is why we should make an effort in our daily life to refuse single-use plastic at least.

Facts about it:

Do you know plastic items can take up to 1000 years to decompose in landfills? 
Plastic bags we use in our everyday life take 10-1000 years to decompose, while plastic bottles can take 450 years or more. 
Minimum 4 generations to decompose it. 

What on earth are these golf balls doing in the ocean?
Can we burn it?  No, we can’t just burn it either. But we still can see people burning plastic and causing more damage to the already severely polluted air we breathe in.
Here is a small list of small efforts required from our side to save our environment:

1. Drink water from the locals and natural water available in the mountains. this is good for your health.
No man-made purification can match the natural process.
 2. Even if you have bought a biselri bottle. Try to stick to that one bottle by re-filling it where ever possible .

Have you done something like this? If yes, we are proud of you :)

3. When in a cafe, ask them to give you food in steel plates and not disposal ones.
Stop buying plastic & the companies will stop producing crap
4. Guide and spread awareness among the locals, cafes, and shops about the installation of dustbins. Ask cafe owners to replace disposable to steel utensils. Even if you are able to change a single person's mindset. Consider yourself a gifted one, nature will surely pay you back one day.
It is the responsibility of each and every one of us, we all have to do our bit
5. We love eating Maggi up at the top. But do you know the amount of waste it is generating
Keep a small bowl, a mug and a spoon with you. Switch to enjoying a bowl of local food. Maggi and lays you can have at your home in the city too.

Get free maggi noodles by returning 10 empty Ma`ggi-wrappers

You have the choice to decide either Maggi or Mountains???

6. If it is convenient, keep an extra poly bag for collecting plastic waste you see on your way.
Imagine 1 bag by 1 person and hundreds of people participating. Together we can do it.

Even after 33 years, it still looks like it was used yesterday.
7.  Bring your waste down like beer bottles, Lays wrapper, chocolate/chewing gum wrappers along with yourself. You carried it to the top. Have the courage to bring it down with you. It will be lighter than before. A true nature-lover will never hurt his love.

8. If you are an artist, make the local dustbins colorful with sprays to make them attractive.

9. In Kasol, it was not easy to walk along the banks of river Parvati because it had broken beer bottles, stuck in the sand. Pick up the unbroken bottles and make art out of it.
Clean water is a blessing from God, don't pollute it
10. Join and help NGO like healing himalayas and trek and clean the area along with them. They will provide you with the great opportunity to give back to the mother nature and satiate your love for the mountains at the same time.

“What difference will it really make?”

I say A LOT.

Respect the environment and culture of people living in the places you visit. Follow the 'Leave No Trace' policy everywhere you go and carry you waste till you can dispose of it properly. Not anywhere like roads, from the bus windows or near trees. These are 'bad manners'

Transparent plastic found in our online deliveries is the most dangerous.
Before going vegan, I guess I need to boycott online shopping too. While searching for some solutions to this problem, I found: 
A great solution, if true!
We have to push our govt.  by whatever means it is possible. If you are a writer, poet, singer, dancer or an engineer-  spread awareness through your work and actions.