Tricks On How To Look Posh And High Class In Cheap Clothes

How to look high class and posh is a very common question nowadays? Is it possible to look high class with cheap clothes ? It is ac...

How to look high class and posh is a very common question nowadays? Is it possible to look high class with cheap clothes? It is actually not an easy task to look high class in cheap clothes. However, you can make your appearance high class even if you don’t have the bank account to match.

Below we have listed for you ways to look high class and posh in cheap clothes.
First and foremost-

1.     The Fitting

Always wear fitted garments as they are a sign of wealth, elegance and taste. You can easily get a refined and classy look with well-tailored clothes. Always remember that everybody’s body has its own shape and it is very important to wear well-fitted clothes as the time you wear fitted clothing you will instantly look much more expensive. 

2.     Loosen Up The Buttons

Replace the old buttons on your cheap clothes with the new and classy plastic buttons to alter your overall look. The best way to look high class with cheap clothes is to shop for stylish buttons to replace them on your old clothes. You can also buy these buttons for your cheap clothes online at discounted rates.

3.     No Stain Policy!

Don’t wear clothes with stains as it will never add to your personality. If you find any kind of stain on your clothes immediately take it to dry cleaners to see what they can do with it. If nothing is possible, then you can donate it to poor people. In case you find a ripped or broken button on your old cloth, make it ripped before anybody notices. Considering these little things will offer a big change in your personality and is the best way to look classy in cheap clothes

4.     Stay Away From Distressed Fabrics

Distressed fabrics can easily end up looking old as well as worn out especially when they are super cheap, to begin with. There are several exceptions such as ripped jeans that look cool and trendy at a cheap cost too. Wearing ripped jeans is the best way to look high class in cheap clothes. Many stylish denim distressing techniques help you to offer a high-class look in cheap clothes.

5.     Restrict Washing Too Much

Restrict your washing if you want your clothes to look new always. Don’t wash your clothes too much as it fades away the color of the fabric and dulls its shine. Always wash your clothes with good quality detergent followed by a fabric conditioner. In fact, good quality washing detergents will give cheap clothes a rich look and amazing shine.

6.     Stop Being Extraaaa

Looking high class is no big deal, you just have to be simple yet sassy. Start your shopping by buying simpler stuff. Your simple choice will automatically give you a posh and high class looks in cheap clothing. Avoid jeweled embellishments or else pleated tops, whiskered and distressed denim. Go for basics first! Try to streamline your look as a whole like wear one cheap bracelet to look more classy and posh, instead of wearing three or more bracelets at once. Wear hoops and simple studs to maintain the posh vibe. 

7.     Classy Handbag

Always try to hang structured handbag whether it is a large or else a small one but it will add more to your classy and posh look. Try to buy some neutral colors of handbag for a high-class look with cheap clothes. When choosing a handbag for yourself stick to simple bags as it will assist you to get a high-class look with cheap clothes. A simple clutch will look classier than a heavy and big bag.
To get a posh and high-class look with cheap clothes always make sure that you are buying the right kinds of clothing. Caring for them properly will help you to maintain your expensive look with cheap outfits

8.     Shades of Riches

Black, white, space blue and nude are the color for the rich. These are like the basic requirement. They go with everything. It is so easy to look like a princess! You should go for monochromes like Meghan Markle.

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