After Hair-Colouring Care Tips For Damaged, Rough Hair

Want to experiment with various hair colors, but worried about the damage  post hair color ? Treat your hair with a different color to u...

Want to experiment with various hair colors, but worried about the damage post hair color? Treat your hair with a different color to upgrade your looks without worrying about hair damage.  Whether it is blonde, black, red, brunette or blue colored hair needs extra care and attention. Spending a high amount in a hair salon is really not affordable. It is very essential to understand how to care for colored treated hair to help it last longer and to ensure that your hair will stay strong and healthy in the long run. I personally have the experience of  Hair Smoothening, and coloring my hair. Below we have listed some easy home tips to take care of colored hair:

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1.     Coconut oil massage on a regular basis
Coconut oil massage is one of the best ways to protect colored hair from any kind of damage. Coconut oil proves to be best for your hair, especially after coloring. The oil has many ingredients which help to make your hair color last longer and give them shiny.

2.     Sulfate free shampoo
Which shampoo to use on colored hair? It is also one of the most major concerns amid girls. Always keep in mind to use sulfate free shampoo on colored hair to prevent them from appearing dull and rough. Using a shampoo that contains sulfate will offer a dull look to them. This is a very simple tip to consider to get healthy colored hair. So look for the ingredient list the next time.
The body Shop Banana truly nourishing shampoo

3.     Moisture-rich conditioner
After washing your colored hair with sulfate-free shampoo, never forget to condition them.  If you want healthy colored hair then it essential to treat them with moisturizer rich conditioner. This moisture-rich conditioner for colored hair will let them stay hydrated and prevent scalp to dry. Get damage free colored hair by choosing the right conditioner.

The first time I got my hair colored, the stylist recommended this L'Oreal product. I experienced a lot of hair fall. But later, I realized that it wasn't the masque's fault but of stylist. He had damaged my hair. Yes! we do have to give the job to the trust-worthy person. Otherwise, after doing the second time, this product is working great.

Some other nice products that you can consider are:-

4.     Mayonnaise
Mayonnaise is fully packed with proteins and which can do wonders to your colored hair. Applying mayonnaise on colored hair as a conditioner or a hair mask, provides nourishment and also softens its texture. Hair care tips for colored hair will be incomplete without mentioning mayonnaise, so treat your hair once a week with it. It is the best home remedy to get shiny colored hair in no time.

5.     Olive oil
Olive oil is also an excellent hair conditioner for colored hair specifically.
I remember as a kid, I never had long hair, it was shoulder length bob cut and I never was able to grow long hair because of the split ends. That time, the lady who was my stylist recommended me to use 'Jetoon ka tel'. 

It will help your hair to look more lustrous and also assist them to go healthier. Just warm olive oil and apply on the scalp with your fingers. Give a perfect scalp massage to your colored hair which will help you out and gives you healthy colored hair.

6.     Eggs
One thing that your hair faces after coloring is the protein damage and to fix side effects of hair coloring treat your hair with eggs once a week. It is one of the best ways to get nourishment for colored hair and one of the best DIY hair masks for colored hair specifically.

7.     Fruity Spa!
Using avocado will do wonders for your hair as it helps you to reduce post colored hair damage. It also helps to make colored hair shiny at home and also last your hair color for a longer time. Mix avocado with a ripe banana to increase its benefits and to get bouncy colored hair. You can also add up curd in this mixture to enhance its benefits. This is one of the best hair masks for colored hair as it is overloaded with Vitamin E, B, and K which is excellent for healthy colored hair. It is difficult to find avocados in the local Indian markets. You can replace it with banana or peanut butter.

 Some more things to consider

Numerous things are there which you should keep in mind to maintain colored hair naturally. Follow below points for long-lasting hair color:

·        Don’t wash colored hair too soon as it will make your color fade away very soon.  Wash your colored hair after three days of coloring as it will lock the color in hair for the long run.

·        Avoid hot showers as it will damage your colored hair and offer them the dull look. Shampoo your colored hair with mild lukewarm water and rinse off with cold water. It will help you to maintain shine after hair color sitting.

·        To get healthy hair after coloring avoid washing it daily. You will also wash away the natural oils present in the scalp with daily washing of colored hair. So wash your hair in alternate days as it is the best technique to maintain healthy hair after coloring.

Now don’t worry about how to take care of colored hair. To get healthy hair just follows above-listed home hair care tips post hair color. This will for sure help your hair color to last extended period of time and maintain your colored hair health. With little but proper care keep color-treated hair shiny and beautiful.

Xoxo, Love!
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