6 Super Easy Simple Hair Hacks To Get Long, Thick, Healthy & Beautiful Hair at Home

Having long hair is annoying and wonderful both at the same time. Every time we go for a haircut, we keep on stressing on one thing- &quo...

Having long hair is annoying and wonderful both at the same time.
Every time we go for a haircut, we keep on stressing on one thing- " Bhaiya, Please maintain the length". Long hair is like childhood dreams, wild fantasy and life goals for Indian women. I am not generalizing but yes to the majority it is. We take care of our hair like our baby. But still, we don't get what we want. Why is so? Why even after oiling your hair, applying costly shampoos and conditioners and serums, why are they still ending at the floor? Because while focussing on the complicated things we forget about the basic needs of our hair, which are-

1. Combing

Before sleeping, never forget to take out the tangles out of the hair. Even if you have not combed the entire day. Make combing before sleep a habit. It not only awakens your follicles but keeps hair frizz-free.

2. Tilt Ya Head

Another thing that you need to follow before sleep is dropping your head down from the side of the bed for 5 minutes. Gently massage your hair and scalp. No need of any hair oil. This will supply blood to your scalp and help in the growth of your hair.

3. Fingernails

You must have seen our own Baba Ramdev doing this exercise. 10-15 minutes every day just rub the nails of your fingers against each other. You can do it while sitting in the metro, in auto, in your cab, anytime. People with high blood pressure and pregnant women should not do this without consulting their doctor because it makes blood rush.

4. Braiding

Braiding is very common in Asian culture to get long, healthy hair. Loose Braid while sleeping will help you have nice curls and untangles locks. You will experience less hair loss the next morning.

5. Caring for hair follicles

Have you ever experienced pain when you change your hair partition? That is because your follicles have been stressed to stay in one direction for a long period of time. In the hair follicle, there are small muscles attached to each hair. They are used to a certain tension when you wear the same part for a long time. You change the part you effectively get muscle cramps in all of those muscles. Say no to the tight pony. It gradually recedes your hairline. Your forehead appears bigger when you start aging.

6. Towel-Drying

We have seen this and it happens in every other household. We rub our hair like anything after washing. Most stylists would agree that you should never dry your hair with a regular towel. That's because hair is especially delicate when it's wet, and the texture and material of a regular towel are often too coarse and dry for fragile wet hair to handle. Your average bath towel also isn't too great at absorbing water, so if you do choose to blow dry your hair after towel drying it, you're not preventing heat damage too. We can't just let the wet hair hanging on our shoulders in winters. It is better to use any T-shirt material to soak the excess water.


Love, XoXo 💛