How To Get Clear Butt Free From Pimples And Dark Spots

Having a clear butt is a dream for many as a beautiful and clear butt works in many favors on so many levels. It is not an impossible task...

Having a clear butt is a dream for many as a beautiful and clear butt works in many favors on so many levels. It is not an impossible task to smooth the pimples on your Butt. Sometimes you see a red bump on your butt which is actually caused by 'folliculitis'. It is a condition that occurs when bacteria get into your hair follicles and is known as Butt acne.

Amongst most secretly wondered questions- one is how to get a smooth butt naturally? To get the gorgeous backside, you need to follow some beauty tips-

Use the gentle body scrub

Pick up a gentle body scrub to get a smooth butt by preventing butt from clogged pores, acne, and bumps. Don’t ignore your bottom area while exfoliating and pick up salicylic acid for the smooth bump. To treat embarrassing butt spots, you can also apply ointments for clear butts. Apply Lotus tea tree face pack for 15 mins for better results. If the acne is severe, do not scrub instead only use pack.

Shower after sweating

After a rigorous workout session or else after having a hot day work routine tries to shower. Sweaty clothes lead to bacterial growth and which leads to acne on the butt. Shower out all sweat and use a loofah to offer a good scrubbing to your butt.

Curb cellulite

Make a routine for dry brushing butt to minimize cellulite problems. Brush your butt regularly with bristles made of natural fiber. Try to scrub it in cellular motion on dry skin. Try this out before the shower and get clear butts naturally.

Moisturize your butt

Same as all body parts your butts also need moisturizer. Moisturizing your butts regularly will give you a clear booty and prevent you from butt acne problem.

Wash in periods

It is very important to take care of your body parts while you are on periods. Washing your butt thoroughly during your periods is very essential same as you do with other body parts.

Pick a good fabric underwear

Pick cotton fabric if the condition is bad. The materials that do not trap sweat or else which cause too much friction can help you to get smoother butts. So choose your panties wisely to get smoother and sexier butts naturally.

Bleaching/ Waxing

You can bleach the booty using fem bleach to get rid of the unwanted dark area or wax it to make it free from dead skin and blackheads.

Home tricks to get smoother and clear 'booty' naturally-

Nowadays there are many ways to get rid of unsightly butt acne, butt zit as well as cellulite naturally. No matter how severe the condition of butts is but there are many ways to get smoother butts. Gone are days when you have to hide your butts under clothing. Now you can amazingly flaunt your butts by wearing bikini or else bold hot shorts. Several people face puss filled pimple on butts which are a worse nightmare for them.

We have listed best home remedies to get smooth buttocks in no time naturally:

1. Coconut oil

Coconut oil is known as one of the best home remedies to get smoother buttocks naturally. It works amazingly from reducing sebum production to soothing inflammation on butts. Coconut oil is very helpful in killing bacteria and helps to clear out pimples on butts. You just have to take organic coconut oil and start massaging it on your butts every night. Wash it off as you bath and see visible results and get clear butts.

2. Turmeric and yogurt pack

A mixture of turmeric and yogurt perform amazingly to get clear and smooth buttocks. The mixture is known to be the best way to get clear butts naturally as lactic acid in yogurt, and antiseptic properties in turmeric give best results. The amazing poetries or yogurt and turmeric control oil production and also remove dead skin cells from buttock. It is the best home remedy to get clear buttocks.

3. Glycerin and lemon juice

Lemon juice and glycerin make the best natural ingredients to get smoother buttocks naturally. It helps to lighten blemishes and melanin production which offers smoothness and suppleness of the buttocks skin. Mix glycerin with lemon juice in equal quantity and dab it gently on butts. Rest for ten minutes and wash with cold water.

4. Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is an excellent essential oil for clear butts. The presence of antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal properties in tea tree oil helps to kill bacteria. It helps to dry out butt pimples, removes butt scars and prevents reoccurrence of butt acne. Apply two to three drops of tea tree oil and let it dry.

5. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is the best ingredient to get rid of dead skin on butts. The rough texture of oatmeal helps out to improve buttock skin texture and remove dead skin and helps to heal painful bumps on butts too. You can mix one tablespoon of oatmeal, and one tablespoon of honey to get smooth butts naturally.

6. Besan or gram flour

Besan is one more miracle ingredient to get smoother buttocks at home. Just apply besan paste mix with a pinch of turmeric in it and directly on effective buttocks area. Massage this mixture for five minutes and leave it for twenty minutes to get clear buttocks. Wash it with normal water after that and use a week thrice for best results.

7. Cocoa butter

Cocoa butter is also the best ingredient to get soft and supple buttocks. It is one of the best ingredients which help to improve buttock skin texture. Take one teaspoon of cocoa butter and mix it with four drops of rose water and apply on the buttocks and massage for ten minutes. To get clear butts, repeat this process for a month.

If you are ready for a beach holiday but are avoiding bikini, just because you don’t have smoother butts then not to worry now. Many people don’t have clear smother buttocks owing to lack of exfoliation, accumulation of dead skin and because of constant friction by tight clothes. Try out above listed home remedies to get clear smoother buttocks naturally. Stay updated and stay beautiful.

Love 💙
-A Glow of Happiness!


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