7 Days Indian (Doable) Detox Diet Plan And The Benefits

Beauty on outside means nothing unless you are working from inside out. Detoxification  is purifying the blood and cleaning the body o...

Beauty on outside means nothing unless you are working from inside out.
Detoxification is purifying the blood and cleaning the body of waste and toxins. This is done by removing contaminants from the blood in the liver, where the toxins are processed for elimination. The body also eliminates toxins from the kidneys, intestines, lungs, lymphatic system and skin. However, when these systems are compromised, contaminants are not filtered properly, and the body is affected. Toxins lead to aging of our body fast and hence an early onset of the diseases and other health problems.

Not only physically but mentally- The way you feel!

Too many skin breakouts, hair fall, constipation, feeling dull and unhappy are all somehow connected to what, when and how we eat. You must have heard of you are what you eat! Fried food, unnecessary binging, and an unhealthy lifestyle are the root causes of it.

Detox diet consists of eliminating the bad and allowing in the good. For example, what do you do if you have a hangover after drinking a lot of alcohol? You drink a lot of water and maybe lemon juice, to detoxify your body from alcohol. It helps you get rid of the post-drinking illness.
Similarly, the avalanche of chips and sweets which apparently are not suitable for digestion blocks your system. You need to take a break, and therefore detoxification diet is required. This is not only a way to eliminate toxins, but also to compensate for a surplus and binge eating during the holiday season.

How to detox?

  1. Have smaller meals - Reduce your portion sizes and try to eat 5 to 6 times instead of 3 times a day. In between meals you are hungry then eat fruits or dry fruits.
  2. Give up sugar - It is easier said than done because we drink tea or coffee at least twice a day and prefer sugary drinks. After the festivities, your body has to deal with excess sugars, so try to give as much liquid as possible. Water is an excellent detoxification option and a glass of warm water in the morning, once you get up, can do wonders. If you're wondering how to avoid fructose, remember that natural sugar is always better than processed sugar and cane sugar.
  3. Give up oils - Reduce the amount of fat in your dals and vegetables. Do not use butter or ghee on your chappatis for a while. Try baked or grilled dishes, instead of frying for a while.
  4. Have a lot of green vegetables - Consume lots of green leafy vegetables, take a green salad. The more you consume fresh, the faster your body will detoxify. Keep away from red meat during detoxification.
  5. Take rest for the few days from the high-calorie diet. Also, the lack of exercise should have a negative impact on your body. Move and walk or climb the stairs of your office. Move as much as you can. To help you out, Android play store has hundreds of fitness app. Download one stretching app and try it for at least 15 mins. Then gradually increase your time to 20 and 30 mins.
  6.       Make it a point to drink a minimum of 1.5 liters of water
  7.       8-hour sleep will be icing on the cake.
  8.       Be a happy and positive person.

What not to do?

  •          Do not starve your body - Because you have overeaten and indulged, you must let your body lose all those extra calories over several days. Crash diets are strictly prohibited. If you require a better idea of what you need to eat, consult a nutritionist.
  •          Do not skip meals - Then you think instead of eating less, I'll skip lunch altogether it is harmful. Skipping meals is the worst idea, and you will not lose weight that way. Do not throw away everything you love because you are trying to maintain a detoxification plan. Relish what you like but remember, in moderation.
  •       Avoid fried and fast food.
  •       Less use of spices and salt.

Detox Diet Plan-

The time, here has been mentioned as a reference, you can choose as per your comfort. But late timings are not preferred.

·         Day 1 & 2-

  • Honey can be skipped if it is loaded with processed sugar.
  • The taste and benefits of kehwa can be further enhanced by adding cinnamon powder, crushed cardamoms, and almonds.
  • Salad may include easily available fresh vegetables like cucumber, tomato, corn, lettuce, black chickpeas, beetroot, carrots, diced radish, etc. You can make a mix of both fruits and veggies instead.

·         Day 3 & 4-

·         Day 5, 6 & 7-


  1.  Please do not have banana + milk combo. They are opposite in nature and resist each other's digestion.

What You Will Get By The End Of  It-

 You will surely get to notice the difference between the 7 days older version of you and the newer you. To help your detox diet, do some exercise. Start with light activities, for example - a walk through your neighborhood or with light bodyweight exercise at home. Find a light and gentle yoga schedule that calms your mind. There are numerous applications on Android to help you out. E.g. 30-day fitness challenge or downward dog yoga. Exercise releases endorphins in your body that contribute to lifting your depression and anxiety. You may not notice a big difference on the first day, but over time you'll feel better.