8 Affordable Fashion Tips For The Wedding Season. Read This...

Wedding season is around the corner. Worried about what to wear?  It can be really stressful to find that particular Sabyasachi  lehenga. ...

Wedding season is around the corner.
Worried about what to wear?  It can be really stressful to find that particular Sabyasachi lehenga.
For the office goers, heading to Chandni Chowk in the only weekend they get is like a nightmare.
Also, coming up with the latest fashion fads, celeb styles, favorite color, and all in the budget is a gigantic task.
Well, I have 3 weddings to attend this year so I had to come up with a solution to this problem. So 8 wedding season style guide is here-

1. Rent out

It is the most recommended method by my mother because she is irked to see all my pricey clothes getting dumped after the 3-4 hours of their 'wearing' lifespan.
Nowadays, we have an online option with many websites like Flyrobe
'Flyrobe' is a one-stop solution for choosing attires on rent if you are in a metro city at the affordable rates.

2. Modify old clothes

Have old wedding clothes lain around? Here's what you can do with them-
We can easily find an old, colorful saree that can be easily stitched into a skirt.
I converted a piece of cloth into a flared skirt with the use of cancan fabric and it cost me 2000 bucks only.

Some more Saree to Skirt ideas

3. Mix n Match-

Not just the main function, Indian weddings are full of many other ceremonies like Mehendi, Sangeet, Roka, muh-dhikhai, etc. We can be really creative with what we already have.

Look 1-

On my brother's wedding some 4 years back I bought an expensive lehenga-choli from Frontier bazaar in Karol Bagh, but then again it has been worn only for 4-5 hours max as I was asked to change to suit-salwar for their pheras at night to be comfy. Till date, I have not worn it again.
This time I thought of reusing it with a different look. It seems like an all-new dress again, without
any hustle and splurging.

This is the picture I managed to find from my FB
You can pair your flared skirt/ Lehenga, the way Sonam has worn it, with a short anarkali kurta and a contrast dupatta.

Look 2-
I used the same dupatta with some other pair of skirt and top recently.

Look 3-

I have a pink kurta with navy blue pant style trouser, which I have worn before but do not want to repeat it. So what I have planned is I will get a same colored crop top as my pants. It will look like an ethnic jumpsuit. Tada! my outfit is ready.
Something like this-

4. Myntra- 

I have been shopping online since its very start. My friends who were not sure of this online world have also now fallen into the trap. I simply love it and Myntra has never failed in my expectations. 
Here you can find an awesome ethnic collection under 'Indya' store.

Pair your old skirts and sarees with new crop tops/ blouses.

5. Drapino

I was scrolling through my Instagram feed when one fine day, I got a sponsored ad over there from drapino.com. Their collection is very cheap but the styles and the colors are perfect for small occasions like ring ceremony, marriage anniversary, haldi and so on.

There is another very popular website mirraw.com where you can find all the Bollywood replicas, and wedding related stuff easily. But recently, I found a choker set over there exactly similar to what I found in a local market which was worth 300 bucks. But on mirraw, it is whooping 4200/- . May be they are selling the real one.

This Jewelry set was worth 300/- in the local market

6. Head to the nearest mall

I was casually strolling in GIP, Noida. When I happened to enter the Globus store.
They had really attractive yellow skirt on display. Exactly what I was looking for. Here is one of the outfits I bought from there and the complete ensemble cost me around 3500/- which is so under budget for a wedding get-up. And the plus point is it looks so chic and modish.
I wonder why last year I wandered in Chandni-chowk for the complete day. Got sore legs at the end of the day, with not only this, the fuss of finding an experienced tailor and heartbreaks of not getting it stitched according to your wishes. It cost me more or less 10000/-

Another day, I was waiting at the airport when I just entered W's store. A bit costlier but the collection was stupendous. The sharara-kurti set I am wearing above will cost you 8000/- approx.

7. Buy second hand

This is the era of social media and we see fashion bloggers like thatbohogirl, boxandpleats, etc putting up their clothes on sale on various platforms like Instagram, facebook and their blogs.
I, too am putting some of my outfits for sale below. Do send your enquires at my gmail account/ DM me on instagram Shongruff- A Glow of Happiness or simply ask in the comment section below.

8. Minute Details

More than the expensive clothes, it is the makeup and the hair that make a statement and sets you different from the others. A 'neat & crisp' look is an essential.

and never forget to wear that smile of confidence. You are good to go now!

Love ❤
-A Glow of Happiness