10 Beauty Practices To Follow At Night For A Flawless Skin

Flawless beauty is what every girl dreams of and always seeks out ways to get it. Is it difficult to get a flawless beauty at home wit...

Flawless beauty is what every girl dreams of and always seeks out ways to get it. Is it difficult to get a flawless beauty at home without having beauty sessions in the parlor?  The answer to this question is surprising YES! It is possible to have flawless skin by following night beauty regimes. Everybody has their own ways to follow a night-time skincare routine. Almost everybody washes their face before they go to sleep (or you don't?) I hope you do it once you get back home after the day, but it is not enough to get flawless skin. You should follow some essential night skin care routine to attain your goal to have flawless skin.

Amazing night time beauty routine which every girl should follow-

Your skin gets exposed to harmful bacteria,  pollution, and harsh weather changes amid your busy life schedule. In the end, you just want to flop on the bed and relax. But, did you know same as you, your skin also wants to relax? To get flawless skin without parlor sittings, you have to set up a night-time skincare routine. Try out these steps to relax your skin at night:-

1. End up with a fresh note

Our skin rejuvenates itself every night. Wrinkles will appear sooner than you think, if you don't REMOVE YOUR MAKEUP before sleeping. To get the beautiful skin, start with a good quality makeup remover to clean your skin. The best makeup removers I have found are virgin coconut oil when it comes to natural care and Garnier micellar from the market shelves. Keep in mind to gently erase your full day makeup from your face. It is one of the essential steps to get flawless skin.

2. Cleanse and Cleanse

The next step is to wash your face with warm water followed by a mild cleanser and at last cold water. I generally use rice/wheat flour or orange peel powder along with besan flour. This is the perfect face wash for sensitive skin like mine.

3. Exfoliate

After washing your face with warm water, exfoliate it. This exfoliates skin routine will do wonders on your skin. Not on a daily basis but exfoliating your skin at least twice or thrice a week is sufficient. Concentrate especially on your cheeks which has open pores and also scrub out the blackheads on your nose. Don’t overuse scrub to exfoliate it can damage your skin.

4. Tone & Moisturize

After exfoliating to get a flawless skin, it is mandatory to use a non-alcohol-based toner, especially in winters. Alcohol tends to dry out our skin and dry skin is more prone to wrinkles It will assist your skin to refurbish the pH balance. So just moisten the cotton ball and gently pat it on your face and neck area.
Moisturizing is also very essential after cleansing as it will help to nourish your skinAPPLY A MOISTURIZER with antioxidants to provide essential nutrients for your skin. Before moisturization, a face serum provides a healthy supplement to your skin.
Till date, I have tried Raw Rituals and Spawake face serum. Both were amazing.
You can also put some Vit.E in your moisturizer to help skin rejuvenate itself. When you wash your skin with warm water, it also washes up the essential oils too and to replenish the skin moisturizing is very much important. Also, it is important to massage your face in an upward direction. But again not too harshly! we do not want to wrinkle our face.

5. Eye Cream

Applying eye cream is very much necessary to add in your nighttime skincare regime. Your eyes do not have oil glands and prevent them from dark circles and puffiness applying eye cream at night is totally unavoidable. Take extra care of your EYE REGION. Invest in a good eye cream.

You just have to take eye cream and start massaging gently on your eyes with your ring fingers. Don’t forget that you have to massage it gently and not to stretch the eye skin.
The best eye cream I found till date is VLCC Almond Under Eye Skin Defence.

6. Lip Care

After eyes, lip care is also very important as you will not get flawless skin with dry and cracked lips. Wash your lips with warm water to soothe them. After washing, rub them with a soft cloth/brush to take the dead skin out.

I do it during the daytime, my lips get accumulated with an invisible white layer which comes out once you rub a soft cloth on them. After that apply a lip balm/ almond oil on your lips, to get plump and nourished lips in the morning. 
So, Keep your LIPS HYDRATED.

7. Sleeping Position

This is the actual representation of how we look when we are sleeping sideways.
So consider sleeping on your back as the best position for your skin. Sleeping with your face on the pillow can damage your skin and also speed up the fine lines and wrinkles on your face. Sleeping on the back is one of the important ways to get wrinkle free skin.

8. Quality Sleep

The essential step in your skincare routine at night is to offer it restGood 8-hour night sleep is the best way to keep your skin beautiful and healthy. During the daytime, our skin is busy fighting the UV rays and pollution. Levels of stress considerably decrease at night and our skin repairs daytime damage and rejuvenates itself. So if we are not sleeping, how will the brain focus on subconscious things when we have kept it busy with other chores.

9. Late Night Munching

Pay attention to your nutrition in order to maintain your skin from inside out. We are what we eat. I know it is hard to stop that late night snacking. But we can at least try to minimize the intake of salty foods and avoid late night drinks to get flawless skin naturally.

10. Fluid Intake

Drink plenty of water during the daytime. Even if skipped it because you were lazy or busy to do so. Make it a point to have at least 1 or 1/2 glass of water before sleep. It helps in keeping us hydrated and our skin supple.

Try to wear a face mask before sleep once a week. These days sheet masks are so much in trend. I personally love them a lot. They are free from the hassle of washing afterward and keeps skin much hydrated whereas the traditional masks need to be removed and post moisturization is also necessary. Keeping in mind the above skin care night time regimes will for sure help you, wake up with glowing and healthy skin. So stay updated, stay glowing with happiness and always remember-

Happy faces are the prettiest !!!

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