How To Plan A Solo Trip on Budget.

Planning a holiday keeps continuously running in the back end of my brain, months before. And before any long weekend or holiday, starts...

Planning a holiday keeps continuously running in the back end of my brain, months before.
And before any long weekend or holiday, starts the tedious work of executing everything- First deciding the destination, than the humdrum of convincing your friends to join, creating ' Chalo Bulawa aaya hai Goa ne bulaya hai ' WhatsApp groups, leaving the group coz of the annoying discussions, a few setbacks of some not joining, not to forget the change of dates and destinations to finally do hell with this plan!!

But the ongoing trend of solo backpacking can save you a lot of headaches and you can cover more no. of places on your to-do list.

1. Jot down all the places you have been thinking about lately. Question why you wanted to go there? Make a primary itinerary. Depending on your budget, cut down on the expensive ones and depending on the no. of leaves that you can take, roll off the farther place.
Ok! on a serious note- taking awesome pictures, making new friends, and experiencing a new home altogether. So we decide our destination first.
Don't go for a 100% secluded place. Choose a destination where it is easy to meet                                   people.

2. Always keep 1/3rd of the budget for unexpected expenses. Skip a hotel this time and go for a dormitory or zostel this time to save some bucks. Homestays are the best part. But being a girl, I won't recommend a homestay for a solo girl traveler unless you are a pro!
Always give preference to your safety first!  

3.  Do some basic research about the place. The must-visit places, the local culture and any prohibitions over there. If you are a meticulous planner, don't stress yourself. Plans are meant to get changed. After all, it is all about having fun and living & breathing a particular place.
I believe in ticking-off the thing off my bucket-list. So put a date after each place but don't get sad if things don't go by as per your plan. There can be many reasons like weather conditions, political situation, etc. Live the life the way the                                           locals live, only then you will be called a true traveler.
                                If possible, make pre-bookings for your stay. So that at least you are assured for                                     your stay.

4. If you are a reader, pick a book you wanted to read, carry your journal to write down about your experiences, artists with their sketch pads, photographers with their camera. A pair of headphones and battery backups are a must for everybody.

5. Never forget to carry a small towel, flip-flop, and medicines with you. So that you don't end up traveling and buying more stuff there.

6. You are your own photographer or every time you may have to ask a stranger to click you. Learn about a bit of photography, frames, and timer so that you do not have to waste your precious time on camera settings.

7. Keep your money scattered. Some in the wallet, some inside backpack and                                            some in your pockets.

8. Once or twice in a day, inform your loved ones about your whereabouts (if you are in network area) When you are traveling solo, you have to be extra cautious. It seems a trendy, super cool instagrammish idea but trust me, it is not everyone's cup of tea. My purpose is not to frighten you but to make you mindful of the situation.

9. If in a remote area, try to get up early and leave asap so that you can be              back on time before it gets dark.

On a solo trip, you end up spending hours with your own thoughts, talking and arguing with yourself and while that may be scary for some. There is no better way to know who you truly are!

Embrace the nervousness that may hold you before you leave, because once you conquer the unknown lands all by yourself, it opens up new horizons for you every time. Let go of the inhibitions that are holding you back. You may meet a newer version of you, that you didn't know exist. Group travels are full of silly jokes, laughter, leg-pulling, and carelessness but the taste of freedom and self-sufficiency that traveling solo gives you, you will never be afraid to take another plunge again soon.