How I Made Not Just A Rose Water But Multi-Flower Water For Beautiful & Glowing Skin

No words can explain my love for making beauty products at home. It is not limited just to beauty, but clothes and home decor too. Besides ...

No words can explain my love for making beauty products at home. It is not limited just to beauty, but clothes and home decor too. Besides being pocket-friendly, it provides you immense joy in your leisure time and you can make things the way you wanted them to be.

Today I will be sharing my method of preparing flower water or I will say rose water with added benefits in 10 minutes at home. No heat, letting it infuse in water at ambient temperature.

Let's start-

You will need-

1 Rose flower
4-5 Crape Jasmines
4-5 Vinca Petals
1 Marigold

Benefits of Rose-

A versatile potion which can be used by any age group of women, men, and kids with any skin type. It controls excess oil production, removes dirt gently, hydrates your skin, aids healing scars and acne, a great skin-toner and an excellent mood enhancer.
It is best used with fuller's earth in a face pack of after washing your face with a mild cleanser as a toner. Use it anytime you will dull and your face needs a wash. Spray all the tiredness and dust away!

Benefits of Crape Jasmine-

Also known as pinwheel flower or Chandani in Hindi, it has proved to be an excellent home ointment for eye infections. Crush some petals and put the juice in your eyes. Good for dark circles and eye health.

Benefits of Vinca-

You can call it periwinkle, or sadabahar in Hindi. These little pink flowers are hidden gems. As per FoxNews - The plant contains as many as 70 known alkaloids, many of which demonstrate medicinal value. These compounds include the anti-cancer compounds vinblastine, vincristine, and the blood pressure-lowering compound reserpine. Some compounds in rosy periwinkle show benefit in regulating blood sugar and others are known to help reduce high blood pressure. Other folk uses of the plant include those for memory loss, circulatory disorders, and toothache. But the consumption of the plant, other than in small amounts, can be fatal.

Benefits of Marigold-

Sister of Calendula flower, marigold ( Gendha in Hindi) as the color suggests treats sun damaged skin very well. And every acne and pimple-prone skin owner should keep this at his home. Marigold is good for irritated eyes, also used to treat conjunctivitis. It contains anti-aging compounds that enhance the production of collagen in our skin and smooth out lines, wrinkles on our face and for keeping skin clear, fresh, glowing and youthful.
You can crush the leaves or dry them and make a fine powder to make a face mask. Use it with curd, honey, papaya, or lemon to get different skin benefits.

How to make it?

  1. Take RO water and put the petals in it. 
  2. Keep the bowl under the Sun for 2-3 hours. 
  3. Let the from the petals get completely infuse in water.
  4. Next day, pour this water into some spray bottle or any bottle. Pour it on cotton and gently dab on your skin.


Store it in a refrigerator. Try to finish the bottle in 4 months after making it.

Do share your experience with any kind of home remedies you try. Would love to hear from you and share it with the world.
I will be soon coming up with another DIY, till then keep glowing.

Lots of love💓
-A glow of happiness