10 Ways to Take Care of Your Hair in this Monsoon

I cannot tell you how desperate I am right now to reduce my falling hair. The problem is I gave them a shock of their life by coloring them...

I cannot tell you how desperate I am right now to reduce my falling hair. The problem is I gave them a shock of their life by coloring them a few months back and with the onset of monsoons, I have lost almost half of the volume of my hair. My rubber band which used to take 2 turns now needs one more to pull up my pony. It feels like a cow's tail when I wanted a horse's.
Getting drenched in rain and high humidity makes it difficult to manage our hair and also leads to scalp problems and smelly hair. Lustreless, frizzy hair which comes out as soon as you put your fingers on them.

So the important tips to keep your locks healthy and reduce the hair fall are-

1. Don't keep your hair wet for long. Dry them asap! No matter how much you love to get soaked in rain, Rainwater is acidic and damages your hair.

2. Shampoo them alternatively. Humid conditions encourage the growth of bacteria and fungi on the scalp, aggravating scalp issues such as itchiness, flakiness, excess oiliness and hair loss. Use SLS-free and paraben free shampoo as they are mild ones.

3. Tie up your hair to reduce the frizz.

4. Do the spa at home- First shampoo your hair to remove the residue around hair follicles, then do the hot oil treatment for 15 mins and run the steam for 10 mins after. Shampoo your hair and put a conditioning masque for 20 mins and again steam your hair.

5. If you have to use a curler or a straightener, always and always use a heat protectant spray, argan oil or Moroccan oil first. I use Toni & Guy heat protection

6. Use RO water to wash your hair.

7. Apply Curd+ Mustard oil+ Methi (fenugreek) seeds  homemade hair pack on your hair for 30 mins on weekends.

8. Okay ! this may sound cliche but drink lots of water and consume vitamins externally. Take note of your protein intake in your diet. Eat eggs and milk mixed with protein X powder, they helped me to an extent.

9. Avoid touching your hair often. When at home whenever my hand goes towards my head, I have my granny and mother shouting constantly and if they are sitting close, I am definitely going to get a slap on my hand. They consider it a 'POISON'. Strange?!
But true! You must have heard birds eggs when touched, the egg doesn't hatch. In the same way, our hands contain millions of bacteria, germs, and viruses. It is better to avoid touching your face and hair.

10. Use a wide- toothed comb on your hair and apply peppermint essential oil at its tips before sleeping, the day before you want to shower your hair. The menthol in it has a cooling and refreshing effect on your scalp. It also stimulates hair growth because of its ability to increase blood circulation.

This is the one that I use. I love aroma magic products!

I hope these 10 tips prove helpful to you. If you have any skin or hair related problem, comment below. Till then,

Oil, Shampoo, Mask, Repeat!
- A glow of happiness...