10 Surprising Benefits of 2 strands of Saffron (Kesar) for Skin, Hair and Health (ALSO BUYING OPTION)

God knows who first tasted the beautiful crimson colored stigmas of the lilac-colored saffron flower. In India, this beauty can be found o...

God knows who first tasted the beautiful crimson colored stigmas of the lilac-colored saffron flower.
In India, this beauty can be found only in the valley of Kashmir. Also which is why it is one of the expensive spices available in the market.

It has a subtle flowery aroma which adds flavor to whatever it is being added.

Benefits of 'Saffron'-

Pregnant ladies!! where are you?

Yes, a very well known fact that it is a must-have during pregnancy. But the user should start using it in the second trimester because of the fact that it induces contractions.

Bid goodbye to morning sickness!

It is anti-spasmodic so whenever the fetus is causing drama. Drink milk with saffron. Also, it is a great natural home remedy for menstrual pains girls.

Highly loaded with Iron so anemic people definitely should give it a try. It increases your hemoglobin count during pregnancy.

Anti-depressant and relieves from the problems of bloating and gas.

Drinking saffron before bed can improve sleep and avoid the problems of insomnia.

It is also known to keep high blood pressure under control.

The benefits of saffron for the eyes are the result of high concentrations of natural carotenoids that can help protect the lens and the retina of aging eyes.

Improves immunity- it is a good option to treat fever and cold.

Boys must be thinking what about us?

Consuming and applying 'kesar' can improve hair growth and decrease hair fall.

It can be used as an ingredient in face masks to brighten up your skin and reduce the blemishes.

Where to buy?

We have our brand 'shongruff' under which we sell our own handpicked and handpacked Kesar from our own gardens in Kashmir.
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How to consume-

Traditional Kashmiri milk garnished with Kesar, Pista and Badaam

1. Most commonly used method is adding 2-3 strands in a heated milk, not a boiling one.

2. It can be used to add a flavor to hot teas as well.

3. Cook biryanis with saffron combined with cloves, cinnamon, and curry leaves.


Store the box wrapped in a silver foil in a cool, dark place. The saffron does not turn bad even for years. It might lose its scintillating aroma but the effects will be as it is.

How to differentiate between a real and a fake saffron?

If you have got it from India itself. It should have a slight orangish-yellow color to it as shown in the picture below. Dark crimson threads might be a sign of added colors.