Why Do I Feel Like Munching Food Most of the Time

This post has nothing to do with the weight loss process or metabolism. But to know why! It is all about that ONE habit, I am personally d...

This post has nothing to do with the weight loss process or metabolism. But to know why!
It is all about that ONE habit, I am personally dealing with-

Whenever I am doing any work that requires concentration or focus, I need something to munch on.
It has a mostly negative side to it because we don't tend to eat healthy instead what is easily accessible to us- Snacks, fried food, chocolates, Maggi, like that.
To add more to it, we have some guilt-free snacks too such as atta Maggi, Masala oats, and high-fiber biscuits and yes, yes not to forget 'DIET' namkeen. Trust me! they are all of the same kind.

This hunger is all about pleasing your taste buds. That's all, it has nothing to do with your stomach sadly.
You can start it but you can't stop after that??


If you too can relate to this, this post is for you my friend. 
I am eating raw papad right now, my roommate introduced me to this delicious form of food. Give it a try someday so by now you can imagine how bad of a muncher I am! I think I need Dr. Phil's help after this😂 Dr. Phil, here I come...

Also, from the time I decided that 'I will go for one day as only fruit diet in a week' plan. I have started eating shit more often. My mind is like tomorrow, you are on diet, eat shit as much as you can as if there's no tomorrow. On the day, my mind is like what will you eat, how many hours are left now, will you be able to survive this day?

Aah! again digressing from the point. I am the epitome of many bad habits it seems!
Straight to the point-

Reasons for the 'want' to have food all the time-

1. Boredom-

You just can't sit idle even when you are actually sitting idle. It is the worst case of all when you are spending nothing and consuming more.

2. Increased Concentration

I do this.
Whenever I have to finish any work when I am in the office, I bring on either a choc or snacks because I feel I don't divert from my work then. Similarly, Our brain requires more glucose when we are studying.

3. Unconscious Energy Wastage-

I have this another habit of running a song in my head and constantly shaking my leg or moving my belly to it. This requires energy. I spend a lot unconsciously.

How to deal with it-

1. Plug in your earphones-

Listening to music surely diverts your mind.

2. Teether-

Haha! Don't take it too literally and buy a teether. By teether, I mean- Have you ever tried chewing a pen when you felt hungry. It is so strange, But, yet another remedy.

3. Healthy munches-

Let us first be honest here that nobody is going to go the kitchen and make a dish out there. We do not want any 'hard work' at least I won't do it. Some easy-peezy recipes-
  • Boil some corns and add mint, lemon and chaat masala to it.
  • Keep almonds in water overnight.
  • Keep green moong dal, or (white, black or, green) chickpeas in water overnight. Your sprouts will be ready the next morning.
  • Easy fruits like banana, grapes, whichever you like. Healthy lifestyle sometimes does take some effort.
  • Dry fruits or drink lukewarm milk with protein powder to get an everyday macro of proteins.

4. Ignorance is bliss!!

Avoid looking at food pictures on social media. It is not necessary to see the famous joints in your city in the middle of your day. It will create unnecessary cravings in your mind.

5. Learn to say 'NO'-

I literally thank my parents and god that I am not sugar-craver. But I see people submissive towards that last piece of sweet. Sugar is not good for your body. If you envy Virat Kohli, he has not got that body just like that. They work day and night towards it. Fighting with their cravings every day till it becomes their habit. Then even sometimes a cheat day also feels good and not regretful.

So whenever your friend or colleague bring his box of sweets. Say I am on a diet and make him feel bad. I can bet you on this😈

6. Start with one-

See it is always easier said than done. I am also amongst you guys. I cannot also control it. I also gulp fast food like anything one after another. Starting with momos, then shake, then pakore and maybe golgappe ne kya bigada hai.. tum bhi aao
But when you start with stopping at one or at least not having any one of them- You are improving 😊 You will grow with it gradually. More power to you!

7. Stretching-

If you exercise daily well you won't feel the urge to eat anything that is not good for you. I don't know how it works but it is like this. So what we can do is coz we are not the gym-hitters or regular ones. We can dance yourself out with abnormal steps and so-called yogic movements for at least 45 mins per day to channelize our energy.
Don't overdo it, that you end up eating more coz you are tired now😂
This is the one that I do-

8. Set Your Time-

Setting the meal times like 9-10 in the morning, 2-3 in the day and 8-9 in the night helps a bit. Though it stops my day cravings and in the night around 11-12, I need something. For that, just a no will do.

Generally, what happens is the body becomes very easily conditioned to ask for it.  So once the habit is formed, one begins to feel those pangs as if they were really hungry. 
In quite a few this snacking could go out of proportion and become a concern.
So let's start our healthy day today by saying no!!

I hope this article was helpful to it or worth your time. Put your comments below.

Lots of love,
-A Glow of Happiness.