What Happens When You Turn Into A Vegetarian

DISCLAIMER : All the things mentioned below are my personal experiences and are not based on any scientific proof. In India, you can find...

DISCLAIMER: All the things mentioned below are my personal experiences and are not based on any scientific proof.

In India, you can find people getting disgusted even on hearing the name NON-VEG.
" Ye mere ghar me nahi banega" (this thing won't enter my house's threshold)
Children whose families are pure vegetarian satiate their urge outside their house. See. it is totally fine. This blog post has nothing to do with ethics- what's right or wrong!

Nowadays we are so busy with 'googling' everything that we in spite of being the most evolved creatures on this planet, have forgotten the beautiful bond which we once, and other creatures still share with the mother earth.
We are searching for the ideal meal, ideal exercise, ideal everything on google. That we don't understand each one of us has a different lifestyle, different resources, and different BODIES...

And different bodies require different nourishment. For example, if you want to be a wrestler you can't win against a competitor who is high on a non-vegetarian diet because he is getting all the things from his diet that only a veggy diet won't provide you. Definitely, the technique part is there but let us just consider that all other parameters are same.

If you want to gather your spiritual self together ( I am mentioning word SPIRITUAL here not for any godly thing but to mention about your thinking process) then it might be difficult for you to do that because vegetarian food is lighter as compared to non-vegetarian food. By vegetarian diet, I am excluding eggs too.  Food that we eat is responsible for shaping our thoughts. So based on my personal experience-

Benefits of being a vegetarian are-😁

1. Your thoughts get clearer-

There is less of confusion and more of clarity in your head. What you want and how you are going to do it because vegetarian food takes less of your energy and you can use the rest of it for clearer thinking. For that sake, any other food like garlic or onions too can be avoided.

2. You become less aggressive-

You become a sage all of a sudden! More patient. Though I think it varies from one person to another but still if a vegetarian person is aggressive imagine what his non-vegetarian side would be like.

I am not at all promoting vegetarian food here. I am at present pure vegetarian whose family cooks non-veg food and is open to eat non-veg also if she feels like in the future if food cooked is that irresistible. It is all a food chain after all. We are hurting plants also by cooking them and burning them after harvestation. This was my stand on this. What do you think?