Death Sentence for the Rapists? Or Should be Hanged in Public?? #JusticeforAsifa

I am Hindustan I am ashamed. #JusticeforAsifa #JusticeForOurChild 8 years old! Gangraped! Murdered in a 'Devi'-sth...

I am Hindustan

I am ashamed.

#JusticeforAsifa #JusticeForOurChild
8 years old! Gangraped!
Murdered in a 'Devi'-sthan (temple)!
#Kathua #KathuaHorror #Unnao
Great..but my question to the law-makers is-

How many more such justices we will have to ask in the future?

Was one 'Nirbhaya' not enough to be an example, that you need more?

No, tell us frankly that you don't have time for the women of your country. Please let us just be honest for god's sake, for your Ram's sake. I think may be then only you can pay heed to the cries of innocent souls killed and ripped apart.
It really makes my heart pound and throat filled with emotions every time, when I come to know about such gruesome acts. People are getting way more creative in bringing pain and stigma to the mankind. We are getting no where, everyday we are falling deeper and deeper into this pit.

I really adore and respect our Prime minister, okay he is 'just' a minister why no one ever speaks of  our President. Where the hell is our president dude? He is so called 'king' of our country!

I am a lifestyle blogger who likes to write about fashion., beauty and travel. India is such a beautiful place but no women can travel fearlessly. No parents let their daughters go market or to friends place. I really salute those parents who give freedom to their girls knowing the fact that this society is not left to live freely.

I can't work late in office even if sometimes it requires me to do so. I don't like playing the girl card. I promote feminism and feminism says you are no less, no more. You have equal rights as the other gender has. But every time I get to hear you should not stay late which shows the genuine concern of my colleagues and my bosses. It was 9 PM my boss dropped me home. I would really like to quote him-

On one hand you really want to be independent and self made but the society won't let you do it..

We, the middle class people in India, who work hard and have the capacity to go and study or work abroad are going more frequently these days. who would like to stay where the basic need of good air, water and safety is denied.

An 8-year-old GANGraped, strangled, electrocuted, and that's not just it...!
Thrown off from the top and beaten to death. My god! 8-year-old kid ! Has humanity lost its mind?
Then they say, Bharat Mata ki Jai..
Arre bharat mata ki beti ki jai nahi jahan, kya mata jai legi tumari?

Being the PM of a country- You are sitting at the most supreme position our country can have. You can wish happy new year and happy lohri but can't react to the rape and murder of 8 year old girl of your country? What is the point of this power then? Sorry you are the most helpless person it seems. Allegation are put up on you because they say your party supports Hindu more. But you can deny every such allegations and shut every mouth once and for all, but you seem to like it. I really respect you sir, please make all the fingers pointing at you to accuse you turn into the signal that you are the best leader a country can have- Fierce and a true Leader of all the sexes, sects and castes.

Some of you might feel that taking up charts in hands, useless hashtags are mere a chance foe some people to get publicity. Whatever they are!
They do make a person think for once about the incident and do not let the fire settle down. They are as important as officials working for it because otherwise they won't even bother. Such incidents happen like every 20 mins in our country.

We instead of talking about victims, should talk about the rapists! Media did an awesome job in Unnao case.
I know we are a liberal country we cannot put the blame on the accused before his crime has been proven. But just make it fast and as gory as the crime they have committed. let them too taste the medicine they sell. Justice must be served, hard and fast! And god no mercy for the juveniles, everybody has their own time-zones-some people grow up too fast. Like we hear- 5 year old Einstein, a boy completing his PhD before 15 years of age and getting a job. So here also the boys have grown up fast into men. So punish them in the same way a man would love to!

Changing our mindsets?
At school and home level. Don't propagate women to be a weaker section. Make them stronger and as good as the other gender feels.

If you want to satisfy your lust, you can go to brothels . I also feel that no one ever wants to be a prostitute but circumstances have forced them to do so and they are making their livelihood by selling sex. So make prostitution legal.
It is very easier for a man/boy/juvenile to touch you. We are lacking moral education at our homes and schools. That is all I have to say...