5 Times When We Should Actually Avoid Drinking Excess Water

You have heard before this that we should drink water at this time, 12 glasses a day! Proper hydration, glowy skin, etc etc. But too much o...

You have heard before this that we should drink water at this time, 12 glasses a day!
Proper hydration, glowy skin, etc etc.
But too much of a good thing can turn into a bad one.

Water is basically used to protect our spinal cord and add cushions to the joints apart from removing toxins from the body and regulating body temperature.
So presenting you the 5 situations where we should not drink water-

1.  During Workout-

Have you ever felt dizziness and headache during exercising?

During an intense workout or any activity like rigorous walking or hiking, because our body temperature rises and there is excessive sweating we feel the need of water. But drinking too much water can lead to electrolyte depletion and result in dizziness and nausea. It can also be caused when we are already having a low count of it in our body and we lose it during exercising so drinking more water will only add to the problem. 
I also understand that we cannot exclude water during that time so it is good to drink up to 0.5-0.7 lt during 60 min medium intensity workout session. Also, instead, use Glucon D water or a sports drink that can supplement enough sodium and carbohydrates to your body if the symptoms are not due to heat. Coconut water is the best replacement for artificial electrolyte boosters after a workout.

2. Before Sleeping-

Apart from interrupting the sleep at night, our kidneys work slower at night than during the day. So drinking more water before sleep can increase facial and lymph swelling in the face next morning. The volume of your blood increases when you drink excess water and this causes harmful pressure on the blood vessels.

3. Eating Spicy Food-

Do you know that drinking water after having spicy food, in fact, worsens the situation by spreading it all over the mouth? Try having milk or sugar instead.

4. See the Color of your Pee!

If your urine is colorless, it is a sign of over-hydration. It can lead to low sodium levels ( a situation called hyponatremia) which can result in serious health problems including a heart attack.

5. Before & After a Meal-

We have heard a lot of times before that we should drink water during eating our food. But it is not advisable to drink water before & after 30 mins of having your meals.
Our mouth produces saliva, which has enzymes that are essential for a healthy digestive process. Our stomach also produces gastric acid that helps in digesting food and removing harmful bacteria. Drinking water dilutes this and apparently, more 'undigested' food can get stored inside your body and may become toxic, even if you are eating healthy.
You must have also heard of  'Chinese people drinking tea along with the meals'

Basically, We should avoid anything that is too hot or cold while we have our meals.

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