How to Cheer Yourself Up in 5 minutes in 7 Ways

Sometimes we are down for no good reason, it is just the oxygen level is low in our body. Simply moving your body in a certain way can c...

Sometimes we are down for no good reason, it is just the oxygen level is low in our body. Simply moving your body in a certain way can change your mood instantly. According to posture experts, both mind and body can affect each other. For example, we know that our brain controls our body movements but do you know that the way we move our body also influences our mind and moods.

1. Science of Postures- 
Straighten your back and pull your shoulders back.

When we sit up straight, we are most likely to become more active. Something as small & simple as this can uplift your mental health. It is predominantly psychological. Feeling sad and negative thoughts naturally produces a slouched posture which in turn induces gloomy thoughts.

2. Walk-

If you are feeling down, it is natural for you to sleep more and be in the bed for long. We don't want to do anything apart from lying down. But a brisk walk can pump up blood to your brain. We can trick it that we are fine and doing good.
So if you find someone is sitting bored or is not in a good mood- Just manage to persuade them for a 10 min walk, they will surely thank you later for it.

3. Smile-

That goofy smile of mine!
You are not in a mood and I am telling you to smile!
It is not smiling from your heart but just tricking your mind into making a face as if you are smiling (U-shaped lips)
It is simple yet powerful. You can do this multiple times in a day. Not only is this a good way to tone your cheek muscles but studies has proven that by smiling, our brain releases a 'happy hormone' called serotonin. Fake a laugh! Do belly laugh,  by inhaling and exhaling air rapidly.

4. Hugging someone special-

And that someone special is you!!
Try this method of loving and caressing yourself. Kiss your shoulders...
You will definitely feel loved and self-motivated. This is tried and tested on me many times.

5. 5-minute dance workout-

Dancing boosts heart rate and makes us transfer our thoughts from mental energy into mechanical one. It helps in releasing feel-good hormones into the bloodstream and reduces the stress-hormones.
'Zumba' is the best way to improve your mood and feel fantastic about the day. You will feel much more energetic apart from its other benefits of toning up your body and flushing out some toxins by shedding out some sweat.
Come, Boost your happiness level by dancing to your favorite tunes. Dance slowly at first and then shake that booty along.

6. Sun & the Sky-

Some of the beautiful sunsets captured on my phone
I never fail to enjoy such moments while I am returning from office. 
This one is my favorite amongst all these methods. The sunset has the ability to soothe your soul. The rays are so comforting and so powerful that it can cure any depression. Small things can bring a big change in your life.

7. Spending time with Animals-

That Sexy booty, tho!
No explanation is required to describe this to the animal lovers. Pets do not expect anything from you, they just love you back. I have noticed an enormous change in my mood after spending some time stroking their fur and playing with them.

If you follow me on Instagram, you must have seen so many pictures and stories with cute animals.
Below I am sharing a short video with you guys- It is a footage of some quality time spent in Sanjay Gandhi Animal Hospital, Delhi. We found a flock of parrots, some injured, some full of life. And to my surprise, they wanted to answer me back !

In short, brighten your day coz this life won't come again. Don't waste it in fretting and regretting. Do some ACTION.
Last but not the least, say cheeseeeeeeeee...
Come on, say it.
Yes, you can do it pleaseeeeee...
Say Eeeeeeee
Don't forget to share your ideas of cheering up, may be it can help someone!