What Happened to Me When I Drank Lime Juice in a Copper Vessel

For the detox, I drink water from a copper bottle in the morning or sometimes I start the day with a fresh, refreshing lime juice. But...

For the detox, I drink water from a copper bottle in the morning or sometimes I start the day with a fresh, refreshing lime juice.

But today I squeezed the juice into my copper bottle. And the results were HORRIBLE!
I don't know why but I mixed both of them even after knowing the fact that lemon slices are used for cleaning the copper vessels. Lemon helps in removing the oxide layer over it and makes it shine again.

I was getting late, I thought to mix a half lemon in my copper bottle itself. What will it do! I will gulp it as soon as I make it.
The moment I drank it I sensed some weird smell but drank it anyway.
Within 1-2 minutes, I felt pukish. I ran to the sink. It got better after I peed. The entire day my stomach was somewhat upset.

What happened is that the copper oxide is a base and lemon juice an acid, on mixing they both react and form a salt. Which is kind of poisonous to our body and our body tries to get rid of it.

Whatever it was, it was horrendous, I was not at all expecting this.
So it is advisable not to mix both the good things together. Sometimes positive + positive can turn into a negative.

How to do it correctly:

1. Drink water from the copper bottle only in the morning and in the evening. Take one month break from this routine so that the body gets rid of excess copper. Copper helps make melanin, bone, and connective tissue. Extra copper can also interfere with how your body absorbs zinc and iron and can kill liver cells and cause nerve damage.

2. Drinking lemon water with lukewarm water in the morning is a great detox drink and helps lose weight. It keeps you fresh, gets rid of morning-sickness, and a great alternative to the caffeine.

I hope it helps you somewhere, sometime in your life :)
Keep rocking and spreading love💛


  1. tell me if lime juice is taken in copper bottle , after that vomit happen , what next to do to neutralise the effect.

    1. You can do nothing to neutralise the effect. The reaction will take place inside your body. Drink lots of water and pee! :D

    2. My 3 year daughter has drunk orange tang in a copper vessel .as soon as she drunk she vomited very badly once.five minutes later i gave her luke warm water. After that she became active and looking good.Should i take her to paediatrician once.

  2. its true..yesterday i added lemon slices in water in copper bottle and morning i drank. it is exactly the same what happened to me..i vomited in 2-3 mins i drank that..now my throat is itching..does anyone have remedy?

    1. Mine got subsided itself after I released all the contaminated fluids through voimiting and peeing. Just drink enough water...

  3. if not vomet , then what we should do

  4. after drinking lemon water in copper botel.if not vomiting then what I should do

    1. To force vomit you can drink heavily salted Luke warm water.. If that doesn't help, drink lots of sweet water and pee..