How to Prepare Onion Oil Easily at Home for Hair Loss Problems

I made it! So can you and that too at home. Total time - 30 mins Ingredients-  Coconut oil, 3 Onions, Curry Leaves , Castor oil/Almond...

I made it!
So can you and that too at home.

Total time - 30 mins

Ingredients-  Coconut oil, 3 Onions, Curry Leaves, Castor oil/Almond Oil/Olive Oil (additional, not mandatory)

Hair is nothing but the fiber made of proteins. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins which are made up of COHNS elements, S here being the sulfur. Let's discuss why we took these ingredients in brief. Starting with the benefits of these 3 main ingredients:

DISCLAIMER- It is not meant for serious baldness issues but for the regular hair loss and hair thinning issues.

1. Coconut oil-

It needs no introduction, we all know it
Attacks- Hairfall
Provides- Nourishment to the scalp, Hair-growth, etc.
It penetrates into the hair shaft deeper than any other oil. It has anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. It helps hair to retain its natural protein and the list never ends...

2. Curry Leaves-

Mostly used in south-Indian cuisines, this flavor adding ingredient is a brilliant source of beta-carotene is a red-orange colored pigment found in carrots, beetroots that give them the color. Our body converts this beta-carotene into Vit.A for healthy skin and good vision mainly.

3. Onion-

Keratin, the base of our hair are composed of sulfur and onions are high in sulfur content, they help in building the strength and core of our hair. It boosts blood circulation to the scalp which in turn improves hair growth.


1. Heat 250 ml virgin coconut oil in a pan.
2. After 5 minutes add onions.
3. Then after 5 mins add curry leaves.
4. Heat for next 15 mins.
5. Add castor oil/ almond oil/ olive oil for further improvisation. Castor oil is said to improve the length of the hair and split ends. Almond oil provides Vit.E and nourishment to the scalp. Olive oil for getting voluminous hair.
6. Let it cool down and then filter the oil with a help of a sieve.

Onion Oil

Lessons Learnt Here-

All your efforts will go waste if you have taken less amount of oil. What exactly happened to me!
If you have taken less oil, consequently the time to heat it also decreases. Keep a constant watch on your oil.

While I was doing it, I had a few questions in my mind:

Heating the curry leaves and onion take away their goodness?

No, both of them are used for cooking and it is perfectly fine to heat them.
Onions when heated release a wider variety of compounds that are readily absorbed by the body than the raw onions.

Can heating oils break their molecular constituency?

My virgin oil won't remain virgin now. It was cold-pressed but now I have heated it. It is gonna take away the good things about virgin coconut oil. But that's not true.

Virgin coconut oil is 82% saturated fat and these fats are stable when heated and do not create toxic byproducts. That is why it can be used for cooking also.
Smoke point is when the oil starts burning and you can notice the burning smell too. It means the oil is no longer good for use.

I hope it will cure your problems of frequent hair fall and grey hair. Between I have a few more recipes related to hair to share with you guys. Stay tuned for my next posts:)

Have a nice day!


  1. Thank you. This helped me a lot.

  2. How long will this oil keep?

    1. Hi Neelam,
      I used this oil for 3 months and it stays for long period of time. Though the smell is really strong, I can't use it for overnight application.
      It helped me in hair fall and dandruff issues.
      Apply this 2-3 times per week

  3. I'm gonna try this. I hope it will work out. If it do so I'll definitely comment again back . Thanks alot

  4. Hey can we store this oil for 2 months?
    Will it still be effective

    1. Yes, oil devoid of any water infusion is safe for as long as 6 months.

  5. will it help in growth of tiny hair on fore head if yes how to use applying oil on fore head top might make our face look oily ....

    1. Yes, it helps them grow. Add a few drops of castor oil too. But then you will have to wash it the next day. It is natural to have a slightly oily face after oil application. You can wash your fore head with salicylic acid right after your oil massage.

  6. Excellent....... can you mention the ratio?

    1. for 100 ml oil i.e., a small bottle oil use 90 ml coconut oil + 10 ml castor oil + 10-20 curry leaves + 1 onion

  7. Can I wash my hair after the oil massage and what's the duration?

  8. yes! absolutely..wash it after 30 mins after hot steam treatment or after 1 hour if not treated with steam. You can keep it overnight too if the smell does not bother you.

  9. Is it compulsory to do head bath after applying oil? can we use this Oil daily?