7 Must Do Beauty Resolutions for The New Year 2018

Happy New Year,2018! With the new year comes party time and it is wintering here in India. The cold, harsh weather plus the addon of pollu...

Happy New Year,2018!
With the new year comes party time and it is wintering here in India. The cold, harsh weather plus the addon of pollution in our cities make our skin dull and dry. It will lose all its charm even before time. We won't be able to boast about our flawless skin like our mothers do- We used to have this kinda skin and hair when we were of your age, but look at you!
We are strong headed generation and won't let anything stop us from achieving our dream. Be it our dream job or dream skin! So here are some ideas that might help you in the process:-

1. I won't rub my face instead pat it-

Rubbing your face after wash surely increases the chances of wrinkles. Not only after washing our face but also at the time of applying face cream. There is a way to apply face cream without stressing on eye region and upward movement so as to prevent sagging.

2. I will go natural-

Nature has a solution to everything truly like our mother. Stay close to natural products to have that organic and real beauty. Start with 1 month-
Try making a homemade face mask/ scrub or hair DIY oils. It hardly takes 30 mins from your weekend and the results are worth doing the 'hard work'.

3. Remove make-up no matter what!-

This is the most crucial thing. If you cannot do something extra for yourself at least do the basics. Make-up on your skin in the night can accumulate bacteria and germs leading to pimples and dead skin. Skin does not get time to heal and rejuvenate.
Use Extra virgin coconut oil, it not only removes make-up gently but also nourishes your skin.

4. I will drink lots of water-

Tried and Tested.
Start with a 1-liter bottle. Keep the bottle near you and download any 'drink water' app which keeps reminding you to drink water. The skin and hair both feel hydrated and good.

5. I will do facial exercises-

If you were dreaming about those sleek cheekbones and jawline but the double chin and the necklines are not leaving you, then it is high time you start watching youtube videos on facial exercise and daily giving 5-10 mins of your day to it. Super easy isn't it?

6. Massage my hair-


Our daily diet is so poor these days that we got to take care of our hair by giving the scalp extra nourishment with the oil treatment. Hair either breaks or makes our look. Our hair decides whether we will look good or not. Make it a point to oil your hair 2 at least in a week. If you wish to have long, healthy hair try mixing one or two oils together, For example, I mix olive oil with castor oil and vit.E capsules, I have observed a reduction in my hair fall.

7. Eat protein-rich diet-

Proteins help synthesize glutathione that helps to reduce carcinogens that age us in our body. Eat almonds, chickpeas, sprouts, lentils, etc i.e., the food for vegetarians and of course for the non-vegetarians the list starts with red meat, fish, and so on.

I hope this article helps you in the future:)