Top 10 New Year Resolution Ideas for 2018

Hey friends! Today is the last day I am writing a post in 2017. And before we take our baby steps into the new year let's plan to make...

Hey friends!
Today is the last day I am writing a post in 2017. And before we take our baby steps into the new year let's plan to make it better and more exciting, but not with false promises and unrealistic resolutions.
So the question is how can we succeed in what we plan and aim for. It is very simple, the SECRET behind the success is


Be this 12 %

Just follow the below steps-

1. Do Not Generalize:

Don't make general commitments instead try making small but specific vows that you will not only be clear about but also be able to fulfill it fast. That will add to the motivation and inspire you to do more. For example, do not take a resolution like you want to be fit!
what's that? 
Your view is shady here. Instead, you should plan it like I will join yoga or Zumba.
So that you don't end up cutting and making changes every year. HAVE THE PASSIONS TO CUT IT

2. Be That Spider:

No matter how many times you fail, do not let that affect your enthusiasm. Start again tomorrow.

3. Reduce Cheat Days to Zero:

It will be very difficult in the beginning. But if you seriously want something, do not let anything come your way. Even if you cheat one day, penalize yourself.

The list of My NY Resolution Ideas that may sound good to you are:-

1. 12 months, 12 destinations-

Travel as much as you can. Stop giving excuses to yourself about your 9-5 job. Because it is really possible to go out for weekend treks or outings if you seriously want to explore the new places.

2. Fitness-

Again I repeat. Be specific about your goals. 
" I want to be fit" is not a resolution. Eating sprouts or protein-rich diet daily is!

3. Charity-

We spend so much on us and that's absolutely fine. That's why we earn to make our lives easier and full of satisfaction. But we can try to cut down our waste expenditures every month and make it a point to donate it to the needful in terms of food, books or clothes

4. Less time on social media-

Social Media is like a television of the 90s that was both boon and a bane. Boon as in a massive source of information and motivation but at the same time it devoid us of our precious time. Entertainment is good but a time boundation kept is great!

5. Meet new people every month-

Both points 5 & 6 are interlinked- Being an introvert surely gives you, your 'me-time' but if you want to grow out of your cocoon, meet like-minded people to enlarge your thinking box. At least 1 person every month who is good to you for growth.

6. Start expressing your views-

You are right in your position but sometimes a non-expressive person losses a battle just because another person is more vocal about his feelings. Even if you don't want to, start telling people, be it your colleagues or family, what you feel and what are your contributions so that you get your due credit and not end up frustrated.

7. Be punctual-

Some say being late increases creativity of a person. Some just loathe the fact of being late considering it to be an annoying, irresponsible and wastage of peoples' time. 
Being on time is the least we can do to add a glimpse of hope in our not so fruitful life.
I too am a late comer. Let's take a pledge together of making our 2018 a productive year with full of accomplisments.

8. Visit old age home or animal hospital twice a year-

Being so much absorbed and busy in our lives, we forget our social responsibilities to make society a better place to live in not only for humans but for animals too. And I am sure that nobody, I repeat nobody in this world would say no to this pure deed. Helping others help us grow better humans.

9. Learn a new language-

May sound vague to some. But learning a language of your favorite country in the world will surely give you immense happiness and strengthen your plans to visit it asap.

10. Improve your communication skills-

Hone your personality, if you think it is not good as you want it to be. It is stopping you to face people confidently. So instead of wasting more years to come, work to grow your personality and be bold. Invest in yourself!

All these are gonna be my new year resolutions with my mains being-

1 blogpost everyday.
1 insta post daily.

What are yours?

Wish me luck and the best to achieve them 100% and ALL THE BEST to all the readers. Have a blast while reaching your goals.
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