Everything You Want to Know About Skin Hair Removal Laser Treatment- Price, Results, After-Effects & Side-Effects

'Teri to merese bhi achi daadhi aayi h' 'Muchad' 'Ye le mera razor' Tired of hearing these medieval-aged dialog...

'Teri to merese bhi achi daadhi aayi h'


'Ye le mera razor'

Tired of hearing these medieval-aged dialogues from our male friends can really make us want to punch them sometimes.
'Bhagwan ne tuje ni di to mujse kyu jhal raha hai' 
To some of us, it can actually hamper self-confidence and increase the inferiority complex. Plus that ugh feeling of continuously pulling out that hard hair out of our chin and the relief when it finally comes the other day with one jerk (because 1 complete day has been spent taking it out :D )

It began when I started to have my facial hair waxed some 3 years back. It was not something hereditary. Before this, In my teenage days, I have used razor a few times (so stupid of me) on my upper lip area but the waxing on side locks and chin area took the problem to the next level.

They used to grow back every week and it used to be an embarrassment!

Girls with facial hair can relate to the times of not maintaining eye contact while conversations and talking with your finger as a savior.

 It became kind of a necessity to get them waxed every month😬 

Side- Effects of Waxing- 

I was coping with this somehow with waxing when 4 months back, I noticed the change in my face-
I felt the skin is looser which is now leading to another bigger problem called 'Double-Chin'.
That freaked me out!

It is one of the side-effects of facial waxing apart from pimples which start to appear gradually. That day, then and there I decided to have it lasered which I was planning from last 2 years, but never had it done. I had done all the research online but nothing useful was online. When my sister-in-law came to my rescue because she had done it and what more I could have asked for. I had one more reference and they both have done it from Clinic Dermatech.

I had talked to the skin specialist in Clinic Dermatech before also but this time the matter was serious and also their price had reduced since last year.

For Complete Lower-Face:-

PRICE- Rs 17,770/-

I opted for monthly EMI of Rs 1,770/- through Bajaj Finance.
Other prices include the 3 creams that you have to buy afterward. They will cost you around Rs 1500/-

The hydration Cream will get finished fast because it is like a daily cream. But trust me it is totally worth it. I have combo skin and it is suitable for every skin type. It feels like air and with one application only it will keep your skin hydrated until next wash. I don't feel like using any other face cream. I think I will it has become my favorite for a lifetime.


It works best for dark hair and coarse hair. So worst the condition, better the results. The results below are  4 months only (i.e. with only 2 sittings). See the pictures and decide yourself-


You will get 6 seatings + 2 complimentary in this package.

After 1st sitting, depending on your growth you can take an appointment for the second slot. Like for me, it was after a month. Then 3rd sitting after 1.5 months, my hair growth has considerably reduced since then. There's like no irritating hair on my chin. it's completely gone, for good!


1. They will get rid of your facial hair using a fresh razor in order to prevent burning during laser. Though you will smell something burning because of the presence of some small coarse hair.

2. They will mark the target area using a white pen.

3. Cover your eyes with round cotton pads and yellow goggles. Ears and mouth with cotton rolls.

4. Now the laser process starts. The laser tube is also having high-pressure air outflow to cool down your skin.

It takes 15 mins max for the lower face laser treatment.

5. Application of a cream to reduce the redness and further rash.

After a month I forget how much did it hurt last time so I become very anxious every time before it starts.
Pores get swelled up after the process for 5 mins

This is a POST LASER cream and you will have to apply it for next 4-5 days. One will be sufficient for lifelong.
 Price - Rs 350/- 

HYDRATION- It is more of a casual cream and I have become a huge fan of this. I can imagine my life without this. It is like water and vanishes on application but does not let your skin get dry. Try it and let the benefits speak for you too.
 Price - Rs 400/-

HR+ - It is to be applied for 5 days until 4 days to your next appointment. It is to minimise the hair growth in the targeted area.
Price- 500/-

After using CIEL's products for a few months, I wanted to try their face wash and sunscreen. If you have read my previous blogs about skin care. you must be knowing that I use wheat flour to cleanse my face but this face wash is so gentle that I have currently replaced flour with this. It does not even irritate your eyes.

This cute bottle below is CIEL's SPF 50- Nice and effective.


If you know what threading is like. It is nowhere close to that. At places where the growth is fine, it won't feel anything but at places where you have coarse hair, it will feel like a needle piercing you for a fraction of seconds. 
The heat can make you uncomfortable but you can take a break for a minute. 

It is easily tolerable otherwise.

Due to intense heating, it will cause a bit uneasiness but it will get over within 10 mins after treatment.


It feels so stupid to mention this- That the only side effect was just one small pimple once (can be due to any other reason also).  But to be completely transparent about the situation 


There were no side-effects!
I heard a lot before that it can cause pigmentation, rashes, blah blah but I have not seen any of this on me. Though I did not find any blog narrating the experience or what the procedure is like. I read it on one of the leading beauty blogs of India about 9 side-effects of laser hair removal but trust me I have faced none.

Hardly visible pimple

I know what my face looked like after waxing! A Red monkey and the next moment, all the pores irritated and they took the shape of pimples.

Whereas some of the GOOD-EFFECTS are-

1. Smooth Skin.
2. No Coarse Hair.
3. Met my expectations.
4. Stay tension-free about the growth of hair.
5. No weekly/monthly hassle.
I feel confident and good about myself. The treatment is worth every penny.

More About  Clinic Dermatech-

It has  10 years of experience in the industry. They take your feedbacks and provide quality treatment both in  terms of service and products. 
Staff- 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌠
Service-  🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 My hair is gone and I can't be more happy about it.

Their other centers are in GK-II, M block, Defence Colony, Safdarjung Enclave, Rajouri Garden, Preet Vihar, Model Town-II, Gurugram, Faridabad, Chandigarh, and Mumbai.

Other services provided are Skin Care | Body Shaping | Anti-Ageing | Hair Restoration.

You can contact Ms. Richa (Noida) - 8800889945, 01204765555

Hope this blog post will be useful for many girls out there. Do tell us if we helped you in some way or the other, it would mean a lot to us :)
Have a great day ahead...



  1. You are beautiful just the way you are.

    1. So do you intend that I should not have gone for the treatment? 😁

    2. Nope... Treatment is great
      You feel good about yourself.
      It will give you confidence.
      That is also amazing.
      On the other hand I also admire girls who perpetuate positive body image and are owning the small flaws with their bodies.

  2. This is very informative. Kudos! I am sure your female following would love to know about Laser treatment in details. And as this is your very own personal experience, it cannot get better than this.
    It is like getting serious personal advice for Laser Hair removal, with all the Pros and Cons upfront.

  3. Babes.. i am proud of you. This one is really effective. No such step by step details are available in my knowledge too. Your time is money and you have saved it for a lifetime.
    Love you.