10 Reasons Why You Should Not Miss Comic-Con Festival Near You!

Facts About Comic-Con: Comic-Con is a comic based convention in which people get to dress as their favorite fictional character and ...

Facts About Comic-Con:

Comic-Con is a comic based convention in which people get to dress as their favorite fictional character and others get to enjoy this pop culture. It originally started in San Diego, California, the US in 1970 with a primary focus on comic books and comic book culture, in which comic book fans gather to meet creators, experts, and each other. Later it turned so big that producers used it to launch the premiere of their superhero and sci-fi movies.

'Comic-Con India' was launched in 2011 and in no time, it gained so much popularity. It became one of the most awaited annual festivals where you can either enjoy watching or dressing up as your special character of any movie, TV series, or book.

10 Things I loved About it- 

1. Great Cosplay. People have worked so hard on their outfits.

2. Amazing stalls to buy really cool stuff.
T-shirts, note-books, comics and books, home-decor, toys out of which a white-walker toy was the cutest and what not!
I was so busy checking each and every shop and cosplayers that I forgot to click the pictures of the stalls.

3. Star Wars

4. Transformers

5. The time when Deadpool was surely dead.

6. Gaming Zone for CS lovers. LIVE! on big screens so that everyone can watch how they are playing.

7. Clicking pictures with random people.

8. Abish Mathew!!!
Tickets cost us Rs 499/- only and we could see our favorite YouTube stars too.

9.  Age is just a number. From 5 years old to 70 years old guy, anybody can be a part of the cosplay competition. It was thrilling to see so many superheroes and villains around. Though I never was a hard-core fan of comics and movies, imagine what it could mean for THE FAN!

Little girl Posing for her dad

10Beautiful Walls. Everybody is happy and a child again! Reliving those childhood memories and fantasies.

Enjoy more pictures-

Come I will take you to the world of fantasies...

When the real joker is on the left

Cute Devil

THAT LOOK !! You are gone, Mr. Virat Kohli Haircut


Y so serious?

Jai Maa Kali! Tera wachan na jaye khali

Let go of me! You are not funny at all

Sneaky Level 1000000

Dead pool was surely my favorite. Look at its moves. "Uuii maa"

Harry Potter learning directly from the Experts.
But heyyy!! where is this Batman looking? It's like Kahin pe nigaahein, Kahin pe nishana.

Because I'm Happpyyyy

Though the food (both taste-wise and long queues) and the waiting of about 1 hour to get into the parking were a disappointment, but the total experience was worth it, full paisa-wasool and the entry charges with a ticket surely filtered out the crowd.

Since it was my first experience at comic-con, next year you surely are going to see a 'white-walker' there😉