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I am turning into a total fitness freak these days. With aging, we need to start taking care of our growing bodies for proper nutrition and...

I am turning into a total fitness freak these days. With aging, we need to start taking care of our growing bodies for proper nutrition and keep it beautiful. When I am home, I want whatever my granny is eating to be healthy and on-time.
For things to be nourishing, they have to taken at a certain time!

Please make a note that the rules are not stringent.they vary according to the person's fitness level, weight and other health issues, if any.

Let's take an example- many people prefer milk as their perfect wholesome breakfast diet but to some it can cause flatulence due to lactose intolerance. I am that kinda lactose intolerant person. So either they have to change the properties of the milk by converting it to a tea or mixing any powder to it.

So the question is- How to decide your meals?

You don't want to spend on a nutritionist. The best way is THAT YOU START BECOMING CONSCIOUS OF YOURSELF. Having food at the right time and taking out the best out of it can change your life.

Though you can eat whatever you want at any time of the day depending on if your health allows so.
But to maximize it nutritional value, we human beings being the smart ass creatures can figure it out through some basic science.

I am sure some of you must have heard of  traditional Chinese tea drinking ceremony, in which the people do every step very carefully. By carefully I mean 'consciously'. They watch their movements attentively, how they pour the tea and feel the flow of it with every sip they take. It is not just drinking the tea, it is taking the benefits consciously out of it. They have devoted that time only for their tea, nothing else. It is a sort of meditation in itself.

Eating fruits 'with meals' slow downs the digestion and causes food to stay there for a long time and cause fermentation?

Fruits contain simple sugar hence the enzymes required to digest them differ!
The process is faster but needs at least 1/2 hour gap min. Stomach is designed so as to avoid any sort of fermentation. It is so acidic that microorganisms can't grow and fermentation occurs only when there is a lack of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. Any sort of bloating, gas, acid reflex is not because of stomach but due to small intestines. the undigested food due to lack of acid ferments more due to high pressure and heat.

Yes, fiber do causes slow digestion . But it is a boon for those who want to lose weight because the full stomach causes fewer hunger pangs and you feel full for longer times.


Heavy fruits like banana and mango shake are the best choices for both pre and post workout session.
Mostly fruits provide insoluble fibers that do not absorb in water and pass as it is through intestines and help prevent constipation. Basically add bulk to the waste.
For those who suffer with acidity issues, mix fruits with sweet curd.

Is it okay to treat fruits as desserts?

Eating fruits right after a meal is not good as it may not get digested properly. So it is recommended to have a gap of 30-60 mins between a meal.


Fruit is healthy no matter what time it is!
After the full 7-8 hours of so called 'starvation cycle in the night'
Your stomach is empty and whatever you will eat will be absorbed into the blood more efficiently.
The best time I would recommend is to eat fruits is in the morning after a glass of lukewarm water but consider these 2 points:-

1. No citrus fruits-
Again it depends upon the individual. If he is having some prior health issues like acidity, diabetes, it can lead to acidity and heart burn like symptoms.

Apple peel has the fiber pectin that helps in bowel movement and prevents constipation.
Worst time to eat is evening/ night. Pectin will burden your digestive system at night and will increase the acid levels in your stomach.
Apple on empty stomach is the best diet for migraine patients.

Banana is best to be eaten in the morning after breakfast or afternoon. It helps in digestion and has antacid that soothes heartburn. Worst time is night.
Avoid banana on empty stomach as it contains magnesium that harms our heart ♡
But when you are hungry, like I am always have any fruits and banana is the easiest of all..your body will take care of it
P.S. Tea and Coffee are also bad for your empty stomach instead try drinking a glass of water before them.


Set a goal of eating minimum 3 servings of veggies and 2 serving of fruit EVERYDAY.
Fruit in breakfast and as a snack
Veggies for lunch and dinner.

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