10 Daily Style Tips A Man Should Know

Disclaimer- You hate getting all dressed up as it is a girly thing for you, then you are not fit for this post. Gone are those days when...

You hate getting all dressed up as it is a girly thing for you, then you are not fit for this post.

Gone are those days when men considered being uncivilized and unkempt as 'manly' thing. It is very essential to look good for both the genders in order to leave a fucking good first impression.
Blow others out of their minds with your killer looks without even saying a word!

Styling is a very vast topic, to begin with You should know your strong and weak areas. We have an year full of festivals, important meetings, dates but for daily styling which includes going to college or office keep these 10 points in mind-

1. Nice pair of shoes

Do not mix casual shoes with formal clothing or vice-versa. It is a big turn-off!
Have atleast pair of 5 shoes-
oxfords, sporty, sneakers, slip-on and sandals

Don't you get bored wearing sport shoes every time? Jeans and sports shoes have become like an old boring married couple- lost all the charm. Sporty shoes do good only when you are on the run! Like roaming around in connaught place or sarojini nagar kinda place.

Sneakers are like that hot crush of you who said hi to you first. Puma and Nike provide funky, hip-hop kinda look to you.

Oxfords are good for both formal and casual occasion. Be it a hangout with friends or urban look in the office.

Slip-ons are the best when heading out for strolling in the market or malls. Just ready to slip in and slip off.

2. Socks

Fill your wardrobes with basics like round collared tees in white and black color.
For shirts, the collar and the cuffs play a major role.Nowadays monochromes are out of fashion. Pineapples, beers are in.
Time to ditch those black and brown monotonous tones.
Add colors to your wardrobe !

3. A Right SCENT !

It is a must to have a signature fragrance of your own. Sweaty smelling is a big no! no!
Invest in a good perfume. A few I will recommend are Davidoff coolwater and Ferrari. They are not that expensive but a good bet. They last long and do not fade away easily. hence maintaining your all day freshness.


Some people are anxious to use products on head because of balding issues but for a good beard, chill bro! Use LO'real hair wax for styling your beard.

Many of you are not able to grow a good beard. For that issue-
I have found some wonderful write-ups  on this concern-

How To Grow A Beard That Everyone Is Envious Of !!

It is the complete encyclopedia on the beard-growth. From the most common myths to week-by-week beard growth regime. It is having everything to want to know about your facial hair and its grooming.

Life Without Facial Hair 

The facts that you can relate to. You will feel like somebody has compiled your life's story. Also, you can scan the page for more interesting topics for men.

Ustraa is a good Indian online store for men grooming products.

P.S. Start a healthy diet and exercising to promote hair growth. Natural protein-rich diet can help you grow beard faster and lastly keep it clean and use beard oil.
Leave it alone for a month. Let it grow out completely and allow the blank spaces to be covered with the fully grown hair.

5. Messenger bags

Backpacks are the essential accessories in one's outfit and messenger bags add a sense of class and oomph to a man's OOTD. You can yourself judge based on these images

6. Stole-

Accessories are must for college boys out there. Stole is one of the cheapest and most useful accessory of all. For office guys come out of that shirt and trousers look and be creative, use cuff links or brooches to flare up.

STYLE NOTE: Pairing glasses with a stole - a perfect blend of nerdness and naughiness is a cherry on the cake.

7. WATCH yourself :)

You arrange your cuffs and keep that tie-knot on point. The entire look is still incomplete without a tick-tock. It relates to the mindset, afterall it only tell you the time which can be seen in your cell phones also but your watch speaks for your personality. It brings 180 deg change to the look.

Chain strap, leather strap or a smart watch. Keep one funky not that 'expensive' watch like fastrack or titan for daily use. These brands also offer high end watches which can be spared for special occasions. Just slide out that watch and impress the other person straight out.

8. Concealer

Make up is not again a girly thing to do. I am not suggesting you to have a complete makeup box. But a few basics like a concealer to hide those dark circles and acne spots can be of great use for daily basis.
A few dots of that concealer can hide away any pigmentation and leaves you with an even spot-free skin.
It boosts up one's confidence!

9. Pair of shades

An aviator, wayfarer and flashy reflectors are in this season. A good practice will be to have a collection of all but to buy originals, you should be rich enough. And if you don't want to spend your monthly salaries on your sunglasses collection.

Buy from local vendors, they are pretty sturdy to stay for months.

10. Good Trim-

For men it is simple.
You just three things from life-

1. A fit body.
2. Voluminous hair
3. A Good girl (Haha! Just kidding)

Apart from enhancing your appearance, it is your hair that gives speaks for your personality the MOST !!

Take care of your hair by using egg + yoghut + oliveoil hair mask twice a week.

Final words-

Don't overdo anything unless it is some kind of a party. If you want a dashing look, keep it simple for example- a light colored tee along with a casual blazer, a pair of jeans with a flashy expensive watch and a simple neckpiece.

Not but not the least- WEAR YOUR CONFIDENCE !
Don't be overconfident, ladies don't like it. Be classy, elegant and full of grace. You should know about yourself and have substance. That's it, all other things are superficial.

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