Secret To Get A Healthy Normal Skin Type In 7 Super Easy Ways

In the post, we will be talking about "How To Get A Perfect Desirable Skin" Some of you must be thinking is it possible? Can w...

In the post, we will be talking about
"How To Get A Perfect Desirable Skin"

Some of you must be thinking is it possible? Can we really change the type of our skin which we are born with.

The answer is YES ! ! ! 

By constant care and using the right method it is actually possible.
I am the rabbit on which I do my experiments and try to bring to you the best 😊 and this post covers only the facial skin but the skin on the entire body.

The body skin feeling tight, dull, wrinkled and dry can really give us a sad face and low confidence. It basically shows how imperfect your lifestyle is.

My Skin History-

I have the worst of all, Combination type skin on my face whereas my entire body skin is DRY in nature.

If I do not apply soap or shower gel one day it secretes enough oil to keep my skin feel moisturized.
When I get late for my work in the morning, I usually skip the soap part just use only water instead.
But In India, the environment is so polluted in metro cities that we can't do without a soap or a shower gel and also a necessary second bath to freshen up and strip my body out of bacteria and dirt.

How to achieve perfect skin-

1. Use Virgin Coconut Oil.

No matter what the type is your skin you can enjoy normal skin. If it is dry, it will make it moisturized and if it is oily, regular and moderate application will make your sebum glands underneath your skin secrete less oil with time.

If you go for swimming, use this before heading out for a splash.

If you follow this step only, I am pretty sure half of your problems will be solved. It has entered my life like superhero, have not found it's substitute till date.

2. Use SPF.

What happens is when you use a sunscreen is- your skin cells do not get inflammed, irritated and damaged. It leads to less wear and tear of cells & tissues.
LESS WEAR N' TEAR means no increase or decrease in sebum production. Hence a normal healthy skin.

3. Stay Away From Harsh Chemicals.

Soaps, face wash, creams, serums, cleanser, everything you apply on your skin matters.
Look out for any sulfate, paraben, alcohol content in your product and stop using them again as they further assist in drying out your skin.

Earlier I was regular with my facewash with wheat flour, but from last 2 months I am using mild face wash and sometimes soap still my skin won't dry or break out. All thanks to my hero- 'COCONUT OIL'. After having shower apply daily. Within weeks you will notice the change.

4. Do Not Overuse Your Soap/Shower gel. 

It is good to scrub you face and body. But doing it on daily basis can leave it ultra-dry.
Also do not apply soaps 2-3 times or excess shower gel, i repeat the word EXCESS because the soap won't be taking out the dirt. It is the rubbing which takes it out! Excess soap only means excess of chemicals.

Our skin’s pH balance is between 4 and 6.5
Soap, on the other hand, is extremely alkaline. So, if you use soap on your skin, it messes with its pH balance and acid mantle, causing it to make skin conditions worse.
Also choose the product wisely according to your skin type.
Soap strips the skin of its natural oils and makes it tight and dry. If you feel like your skin is very oily, use a face wash especially suited for oily skin that will wipe off the oils and dirt while maintaining the skin’s delicate pH balance. Washing your face with soap is like washing it with dishwater liquid or detergent.
Never ever use soap on your face.

5. Stay Natural.

Try to stay close to mother earth. The results show up slowly but they are for real and permanent. Nature has solution to every problem. It is unbelievable but nature has the ability to heal itself, truly like a magic. Be regular with your home made remedies. On Sunday, try out a new face mask every week.
"Prevention is better than cure"
Make home-made face masks using aloevera, honey, gram flour, etc.
10 Easy and Effective Home Made Face Masks

6. Running.

You must be thinking, Running? 
Yes, my dear friend, while you are running or jogging your skin perspires. Pores open and close, they breathe!
Be it any sort of physical activity but running has helped me a lot. The sweat glands become active.

7. Washing.

If you have oily skin, wash your face with only water 3 times a day- morning, evening and night before sleep.
If it's dry, 2 times will be enough morning and evening. Use rose water for freshness, I do it occasionally when it is kept near to me.

These were some prominent methods that were to be done 'ON our body'
Other thing that matter is what goes inside your body, your diet- It is of vital importance.
A very deep topic to talk about in a single post but a few things which I would definitely mention is drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning and eating healthy like fruits and juices.
I know it is difficult to stay away from junk food. But to neutralize their effects, eat healthy along with them and stay hydrated.

It has truly been a miracle to my acne-prone skin. I really recommend these to my friends.
I hope you will benefit from my this post.

Much Love,
Shongruff :)