From The Diary Of A Girl Who Thinks Whether To Grab A Drink Or Not?

Being very particular about my skin and fitness, I am amongst the ones who want to age gracefully like Milind Soman, who has got sexier and...

Being very particular about my skin and fitness, I am amongst the ones who want to age gracefully like Milind Soman, who has got sexier and hotter than ever! And it all depends upon the food that we eat...
We often see ads- smoking is injurious to health and drinking is also no good. I am a learner 'by doing and seeing' not mere through others experiences because we are not same as them, everybody has got their own side of story. I thought of digging a bit deeper and find out what is good for myself and not just listen to others.

First you should be of legal drinking age then only we can have a word ahead. Personally, I do not consider drinking or smoking weed, something unethical or dishonorable unless you are doing it in once in a while and that too not abnormally.

Next the discussion is whether it is godly or ungodly? Bhang, which is sort of a 'holy' intoxicating herb, which was used to treat problems like ingestion, anxiety and mental disorders. What I feel is in those days, as there was no other source to deviate or de-stress your mind, medical science was not that advanced and easily available, hence people considered it as holy because it alleviated their pain.
Starting with:


Primarily made from malted( dry sprouted seeds) barley or some other grains like corn or wheat then stored in oak barrels which are rich in phenol (-OH) substances.

  • It is beneficial for gallstones, cancer, weight loss and loss of memory. 
  • Whiskey is low sugar and won't be a problem if you have diabetes.
  • It is having some anti-oxidants that help in preventing heart diseases and boosts our immune system that helps in preventing getting affecting by other illnesses.

So it won't be a problem if you have a sip of it with your grand mom.
25-30 ml for women and 35-40 ml for men is generally advisable.
List of whisky brands

NOTE- 30 ml is 2 tbsp.

2. RUM-

Rum is a word which you all must have heard when having common cold or cough. It is made from sugar cane molasses by fermentation.

  • If had in moderate amounts can ease joint pain and promote health.
  • It is the only drink which prevents diseases caused by the deficiency of vitamin C.  
30 ml per day is required for a healthy drink.
Top Brands In India

3. BEER-

Most common drink that I heard the most about when I was in college may be it's pocket-friendly, that's why. People in some places prefer beer over a glass of water.
A research was conducted by Tuft University to see the relation of beer & wine on the bones. The results say that if had in right amount it can result in strong and robust bones whereas more than that can also result in weak bones. Be careful and it does not mean it is the prime source of improving your bone health. The purpose of this post to clarify your doubts and think over the idea of getting merely DRUNK!

  • Beer is known to dissolve kidney stones and strengthening your bones. 
  • Other benefits were similar like weight loss and reducing cancer probabilities. 
  • Beer has some antioxidants called ales and stouts to promote vision.
I have observed people gaining weight once they start drinking it in absurd quantities.

For Men:

608 ml for 4-5% alcohol
675 ml for weaker beer with 3-4 % alcohol percentage.
473 for strong beer

For Women:

405 ml day is considered a moderate amount for 4-5% alcohol
473 ml for 3-4 % alcohol
337 ml for stronger beers above 6 % alcohol per day.


Considered as a popular women's drink, girls you would be delighted to know that it is mainly made of fruits such as grapes and sugar. Also sometimes, fermented grains such as corn, rye, rice, soybean, wheat or even potatoes are also used.

  • It is effective in treating dandruff.
  • It can be also used as a spirit to  treat microbial infections on wounds.
  • Acts as an astringent that helps in keeping skin clean and free of dirt & dust.
  • Alleviates tooth-ache.
  • Reduction in mental stress and we know why!
40 ml is the advisable amount.

The World's 10 largest vodka brands


Tequila is made from blue agave plant, which is a desert succulent plant, primarily found in red volcanic sands of Mexico.
Agave Plant

Benefits of tequila apart from not getting you a hangover are-
  • It fights cholesterol
  • It can help to prevent osteoporosis
  • Weight loss
  • Aids digestion
  • Helpful for people suffering from insomnia
Liquid calories are easier to burn than solid ones. Getting weight loss benefits from the agavins (sugar in tequila) which decrease the daily food or energy intake and hence reduce body weight gain.
It creates an environment for good bacteria to thrive in our intestines.

With a measure of 25 ml shot, 21 measures for men and 14 measures for women of single shots per week are recommended.

6. GIN

Gin is also a spirit which draws its flavor from juniper berries.
  • It is a natural remedy for arthritis
  • It fights liver and kidney disease.
  • It eliminates wrinkles from your skin.
  • Fights cancer.

Due to presence of anti-oxidants that neutralize free radicals.
It contains diuretic ingredients which help in increased urination that cleans out our kidneys of bad bacteria and toxins.
People have started using gin-soaked raisins to keep inflammation due to joint pain and gout at bay.

But beware, juniper berries induce the risks of miscarriage, so pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid it.


Wine is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented grapes without the addition of sugar, enzymes, water and other nutrients. Red and White wine are its two variants.

  • It cuts down risks of colon cancers.
  • Prevents the chances of cataract.
  • Slow down the decline of brain cells.
  • Lowers the risks of heart disease.

150 ml for women and 300 ml for men as daily intake is considered a moderate amount.
Top Wine brands in India

Pregnant women should not consume any type of alcoholic drinks as it can develop birth defects. If we are doing it without losing our stature, it is absolutely fine!
There is a difference between losing yourself out and losing your minds out.
Over use of alcohol can cause cancer, liver damage, poor vision, affect your nervous system and kidneys. Though it is said to prevent dementia but who drink too much can have higher rates of early dementia onset.

Drink wisely! Let's raise a toast to our health.

Much love💛



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