Why go out? When Your Beauty Salon can come to your Doorstep ! Vanity Cube Review

Last   Sunday, I fixed an appointment with Vanity Cube for a few beauty services at around 12 noon. I thought they will reach around 1...

Last Sunday, I fixed an appointment with Vanity Cube for a few beauty services at around 12 noon. I thought they will reach around 12:30 or so, since it was a Sunday I was lazying around but Ms Jyoti, My therapist for the day was right on time. She called me half an hour prior to confirm the address. I immediately got up and had a shower clothes since it was my first experience and I did not want to look despicable.

A year back, I used to visit parlor every month after my office hours because it would be difficult for me to come out of my house on weekend because mostly I have prior meet ups with my friends and I prefer not to waste my precious weekend in parlor.
But you need pampering also?
So what would be better than- 'you not going anywhere, but it coming to you?' Yes I found a lady who does this work and also charges less as compared to parlors. But sometimes she is not in the town that's when I came across Vanity cube I thought of giving it a try.

My experience with VC says-

As soon she entered, I offered her a glass of water it was scorching hot outside.

Her bag was no less than a Pandora box, things kept coming out of it. The bed was covered nicely with white sheets that she brought.

White sheets & Towel
1. PRO- No need of worrying about your bed sheets getting dirty.

2. Professionalism- Punctual
Though I came across some of their reviews on google that the staff is not professional or on time. But I did not  face any such problem.

3. No Waiting! 
We always have to first ask the person in parlor, "how much time will it take to finish?" She will say 10 mins but you will end up buying the whole market and then you will get your turn. But here you will have your say.. YOUR TIME, YOUR CHOICE...you are the priority, wherever and whenever you want.

Their Claim-

We are all about ‘delivering beauty and wellness on demand.’ We’ll help you sit back and relax a little more! That’s our promise.
How well they score, read below-

Starting with my VLCC facial-

The difference I felt here was her hands were quite warm during the entire process. I mentioned the same to her to which she admiringly said not everyone's hands are like that. It will be good for your skin as warmness promotes blood circulation. Witty girl! 😃

Another plus point was steaming, this step I have not undergone neither at any parlor or any home service before and the way she put misted tissues on my eyes. it felt no less than cucumber eye pack.
I was quite satisfied with my facial. Products were genuine. Overall it was relaxing and the back massage was enjoyable.
Any massage or facial is generally good at any salon but steaming and warm hands stole the points here.
Price- Rs 750/-

Rating- 😤 4 / 5 ★★★★

Second tickle was to coddle my feet😊

This was my first time with pedicure. Earlier I have done it myself at home only. This was the best thing on that day.

Flower dipped, hot water soothing my feet and I loosened myself. Though I am very particular about clean feet but the amount of dead skin coming out was confounding.

Properly filed nails, leg scrubbing and massage were totally a bliss!
She was initially hard on my foot massage, I gently told to lower the intensity after which it was pure acupuncture.

Lastly the AVON red nail paint added to the beauty of my toes. Some colored bottles she kept there with no label/ brand mentioned, I forgot to enquire about them , must have been some nail paint remover.
Price- Rs 400/- 

Rating-😍 3.5 / 5 ★★★

Last but not the least SPA time!!

It is where I faced a few disappointments.
CONS- No equipment for steaming and no shoulder/hand massage afterwards. I had to go and out some water on heat. She then used the towel in hot water wrapped around my hair.

But as far as head massage was concerned it was pleasant and products used were LO' real hair spa range.
I would suggest them to look for more improvisations because when it comes to spa because if the customers are spending 900 bucks they will compare it and rather prefer it to be the best.
I would rather spend Rs 100 more and go to my regular hair stylist for hair spa.
Price- Rs 900/-

I had to wash my hair myself before whereas I get all the hair wash, application, blow drying, serum application and hot kulhad tea in front of me at the regular salon.
I also understand it is difficult to get sink and wash hair but for that I expected less spa charges but there were none and to me scalp steamer is a must for hair spa.
But for the good head massage, I will give them a

Rating- 😥 2.5 / 5 ★★

I slept for like 3-4 hours after this  😋 Sunday was truly a FUNDAY!

Though I will still be calling my beauty specialist with whom I am regular with but as she cannot be available for all of you,  I will definitely recommended Vanity cube.
Sitting back and enjoying the service with a little hassle, which can be avoided.
Beauty really comes knocking at our door, if you are a lazy ass then it is a plus point for you because you don't have to get ready and go out and visit a parlor. Your parlor is just a booking away.
You get to unwind and DE-stress your body at the luxury of your home . Give it a try!

Their services are available in Delhi NCR and Mumbai.
You can visit their website http://www.vanitycube.in/ or call at 8010801091 (9 AM -9 PM)
If you wish to cancel your booking, you can cancel at least 4 hours prior to your booking If you would like to amend your booking, you can do so by a call or whatsapp them.

Meticulously packing the stuff back!

Moreover, There are 2 good news- 

1. They offer services to men also!! but only on weekends and in Gurgaon and South Delhi.
2. They also partner with companies to provide manicure, pedicure, foot reflexology and seated massage right into your office. Just coordinate them with your HR and experience relaxation like never before in office. Unbelievable, but true!

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I hope this article will be of help to you.
Keep pouring your love and be happy.

Love ♥


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