How To Take Care Of Your Skin & Hair During Holi

Hola people! Or should I say holi guys :D Holi is just round the corner and I can't wait for it because I am all set for it. I rem...

Hola people!
Or should I say holi guys :D

Holi is just round the corner and I can't wait for it because I am all set for it.
I remember the days when I used to skip all the fun just because it would be a hell of a task to clean yourself after and most importantly I was scared of harmful chemicals and dry, brittle hair after the festival. The chemicals can create a havoc for both hair and skin.

Today I can tell you not to distress coz I am bringing some gems of an advice from my Pandora box.
Here they are-

BEFORE HOLI hair care regime:

1. Oiling

It is really important if you want to save hair from the damage, the chemicals dry it up awfully and make them brittle, susceptible to split ends and hair fall. I know you don't want to look cheesy don't overdo it, just apply it mildly.
If you don't want to oil it, try applying serum in good quantity, it will neither grease it much nor it will let it stay dry.

2. Tie your hair

After oil/serum, make braids onto your hair. By this not only the inner layers are safe but also the scalp gets less accumulated with the colors. People with short hair can use hair bandanna.


3. Hair washing technique

Wash all of it with just plain cold water. Get rid of all the colors trapped inside.
Apply hair conditioner on the strands and use a wide-toothed comb at this stage to de-tangle your hair. Next clean it with the gentle shampoo (without sulfates) that won't strip your hair too much and again use conditioner.

4. Say NO to heat

Don't use hair-straighteners and blow dryer. Let your hair relax a bit.

5. Extra Deep Conditioning

a) Make a mix of Olive oil (1/2) + Honey (1/2)

Spread it evenly on the scalp and not to forget the tips. Now you can use a little bit of heat to let the ingredients get absorbed as your hair covered with its saviors. Pay special attention to the ends, they tend to get drier and prone to split ends than the rest of your hair.
Easiest way is to use a blow dryer for this. Use a wide combed hair and clutch it up at the top and cover it with a shower cap.
Listen to your favorite tracks and after 20 mins wash it.

b) Banana (1) + Coconut oil (1/2) + Honey (1/2 tsp)

Make a delicious mix of the above but hey! it is for your hair. Yeah I know you are not going to eat it, it is having coconut oil. I don't like its flavor in my food.
Apply mild heat, keep it for 20 mins and wash it.


1. Tone it up

Apply a toner before stepping out for holi before moisturizing it.

2. SPF

You are going to be in the Sun from morning to the noon. It is better to protect our skin about harmful UV rays also by applying a moisturizing sunscreen.

3. Salon?

Do not get waxed, shaved or threading or any facial 1-2 days before holi as your skin pores are already irritated and during holi colors can clog them and result in pus-filled pimples.

4. Ears & Neck -

Hard colors stay for days on your skin and you look like you have come from a different planet.
Use Vaseline on ears and neck prior so that it will close your pores well. Petroleum jelly is a lubricant that repels water to smooth & protect dry and rough skin.


5. Never rub your face harshly, it will damage the skin cells which are already under stress.
Clean the colors with mild face wash then take off the extra color with the help of a cleansing milk.
Avoid harsh soaps because they are alkaline in nature and can cause further dryness.

6. For acne prone skin scrubbing out the colors after holi can make your skin more vulnerable to the attacks.
Instead use a mild home-made scrub like mix of wheat flour + raw milk + rose water + aloe vera gel.
COCONUT OIL, I repeat this elixir is best for all the skin-types and is the ideal make-up remover (here the colors)

7. Pampering time!

Add salt to lukewarm water + a drop of coconut oil + honey
Then apply besan ( gram flour) all over and let it act as a face mask for 10 mins.
It will not only scrub your skin mildly but also leave it hydrated & soft.
You can also use baking soda as a scrub.

8. Salon?

Do not opt for salon procedures like facial, bleaching, etc to get rid of the colors mark left. Both before & after holi, salon is not recommended.

Some of the other useful tips are -

 9.   Wear light cotton clothes as synthetics will get sticky and denims soak the water and get heavy.
Wear full sleeved top and avoid shorts.
10. Try to use organic herbal colors.
11. Drink lots of water. Proper hydration will keep your skin glowing and hair supple.
12. Apply lip balm before heading out & apply nail paint to your nails. It kind of acts as a barrier between the outer surface and the colors.

Happy Holi Guys!
Act responsibly, after it is festival of colors and spreading happiness. Don't let it turn into somebody else's nightmare.

Hope you liked my tips. Love ya,