6 Essential Make Up Tips For The Office

This read is dedicated to all the hard-working ladies out there. Happy weekend !! The Friday night fever has got down or still up? Ge...

This read is dedicated to all the hard-working ladies out there.
Happy weekend !! The Friday night fever has got down or still up?

Getting up in the morning, preparing breakfast, getting your kids ready, so many other things which I may not be aware of right now. Then you have to get yourself ready for the office. We don't have hours to get ready. A brisk and subtle touch up of make up is required.
So the first question is-

How much?

It is the place where you will be spending 9-5 i.e., most of the day so it's better not to put up layers of make up as it will clog your pores and damage your skin in the long run. There is a different range of products for the working women you should choose from those.
Moreover, it is a working place not a party you have to look professional and not distract others with that extra highlighter.



For office make up kit, a small pouch will be sufficient and won't take much space in your handbag. You will need a good foundation or any BB cream will do.

A few lip gloss, eye-brow pencil, kohl, mascara and an eye-liner. 
These are the 7 basic things and we're done!

If you want some extra touch up you need to have a blusher and an eye shadow palette.

A bronzer if you desire perfect cuts for your face.

How to DO IT right -

Basically we are looking for a 'NO-MAKEUP' makeup.
We have to look all set but in a professional manner.


Begin the process with the toning and proper moisturizing. It will be good if the makeup you are using is having SPF or else during moisturizing it is essential to include sunscreen.


For the base use foundation or simply a BB cream. You can skip the step if you decide to hide the acne scars with a concealer. I tend to use a pinch of it because it turns my face dull and dark.
Lakme 9-5 foundation is good to go with. It is light in weight.


  • For accentuating eyes avoid shimmers unless it is a ethnic party. Use subtle shades of brown and nudes.
  • Skip mascara and instead use eyelash curler. It will not only save addition of make up to your face but also add a natural tinch of glamour to the eyes.

A few days back I went to the bank & a lady was there, amazingly beautiful dusky skin wearing ethnic and her eyes covered both upside and downside with kohl (thick layers) her eyes were looking ravishing.
Every customer was giving her a stare including me, she was killing it and everyone has got right to look great.
It is not her fault if she gets all the attention. It feels good to be in the limelight. But it was kind of distracting! Though she was looking very pretty but that was not looking professional. It is similar to wearing a party wear bling saree to work.

If you still like the style, the eyes in the picture below works fine.


If you are choosing a glossy lip color choose nudes or light shades. I have read it at many sites that darker or color pops should be avoided. Gone are those days, to bring a little bit of spice to the monotonous work we need to look at ourselves and with that contagious colorful smile going with the matte darker shades will do no harm.

I work for a mechanical firm with lots of Indian men so any boldness with my make up will draw unnecessary attention. I envy IT sector girls they get to enjoy being stylish every day😆


Let me tell you even if you have finished your make up, if your hair is not done nicely, IT IS ALL A WASTE.
It can make or break your look. A well tied hair does not require much too much attention throughout the day so you can focus more and saves your time.


Your nails are quintessential part of your looks and if they are unkempt no matter how awesome your face and dress is, it looks tacky! It is better to keep them without any nail paint than a left overs of your nail paint. Well-manicured nails with a transparent glossy nail paint will do for it.


  • Heavy coats of foundation and mascara because they get cakey in appearance for that long period.
  • Thick coats of eye liner - It depends on your outfit for the day like if wearing something boring or very light one step of doing dramatic eyes will make up for that whereas for normal days it would be suggested to keep it thin and simple no Mumtaz type winged liners.
  • Say NO to highlighters.
  • No red carpet looks please!
Some people avoid certain make up just because of the people around them.
Do hell with the stalkers, it is our life we can't resist our desires to enhance our beauty.
If you want it, do it!

Lastly, a little bit touch up of SASSINESS & CONFIDENCE.
You are ready to get the shit out of haters and rock the place ;)


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