Everyone Should Try This Miraculous Drink In The Morning Because

I was formally introduced to this drink when I was in a cafe named NICK's Italian restaurant in McLeodganj (Himachal Pradesh, India) ...

I was formally introduced to this drink when I was in a cafe named NICK's Italian restaurant in McLeodganj (Himachal Pradesh, India)
It kickstarted my day with a bunch of both happiness and health.

During exploring the culture over there; What I found was-numerous foreigners who have kinda settled over there, cafes with libraries with people studying yoga and cultures. I have a habit of seeing what the other person has ordered so that I don't miss on any great food item in the menu :P Most of them were having boiled eggs, green tea, herbal tea, etc which made me to think they pursue a very simple and healthy lifestyle. their food comprising no oily stuff. Unaware of the fact that it is in our own culture since ages. India has a rich history of use of herbs and spices in their food.

Every culture has adapted some food habits because of various factors like climate & availability.
NATURE is truly wonderful, it just knows everything!! What is needed where, like in hot regions there will be trees and fruits helpful in maintaining the metabolism and temperature of the body and similarly for other regions too. It is us humans who screw everything up.

Today morning somehow I woke up early so gradually thought of having some good breakfast.
Umm, tea? But I have been drinking too much of this lately, I don't want to get addicted to it so Bye-bye tea. Uh-oh, no fruits in my fridge so no juice.

So without any drama, I am talking about Ginger-Lemon-Honey ale.

Super..super easy to make!


Ginger-1/2 Lemon-1/2 tsp Honey


1. Boil 1 1/2 glass of water in an utensil.

2. Add grated ginger to the water and let it boil.

That's it...

Pour it in a transparent mug to get a view of all of it.

3. Now add 1/2 honey.

4. Squeeze 1/2 lemon over it.

Optional -

5. You can also add a hint of mint or basil to it.

Wow, I like it HINT of  MINT... HINT of MINT ha ha
I think the drink has done something to me 😂 I am writing it like crazy.

6. You can also make a cool lemonade out of it by adding ice-cubes. It will be so REFRESHING !


1. Flawless Skin-

It will add a dose of vitamin C and anti-oxidants which prevent ageing. Your skin appears fine and radiant with the regular use.

2. Immunity-

Ginger as its ingredient prevents common cold, cough and sore throats. It is very helpful for ones who suffer from morning sickness. It boosts our metabolism rates.

3. Beautiful Hair-

Loaded with anti-oxidants and vitamins, they help in controlling the production of DHT on your scalp which is related with the male baldness pattern, hence promoting hair growth and health with its regular use.

4. Digestion-

If you suffering from loose motions, it is the best home-remedy.  Also for constipation, it has some laxative effects. Great isn't it. Targetting two problems with one arrow!

5. Detoxxx-

It is super effective in eliminating accumulated toxins in the body. Lemon flushes kidney and liver well.

6. Weight loss-

Weight loss can be achieved by increasing the burning of fats and calories with increased metabolic rates and that can be achieved by having one glass of either cold or lukewarm water first thing in the morning.
And what better than this? It is an A-one drink which requires hardly any efforts.

Whereas the ginger tea is not recommended for people with gall stones as it enhances the production of bile (assists fat digestion ) and unnecessarily adds up to the pain.

Enjoy your drink!! Don't forget to comment below your healthy morning drinks.
Also do share if you did some changes in this drink like next time I'll be adding black pepper also to this.

Hope you liked my post.

Lots and lots of 💙