DIY Personalised Gift for HIM !!

I know the post is too late for Valentine's day! But there's nothing wrong to celebrate valentine's day throughout the 365/366 ...

I know the post is too late for Valentine's day! But there's nothing wrong to celebrate valentine's day throughout the 365/366 days. It's not true that only women love gifts and pampering be it your father, brother, boyfriend or best friend, they also have a weakness for them but some does not show it easily. They are the strongest ones, you know 😉 and trust me everybody has a special bond with gifts that are handmade. Be it his birthday, wedding anniversary or just for the sake of showing some fondness.
Extra Special Love Box 

I made a DIY Love Box 💗 
Full of things, lights and ofcourse L💓VE

What you will need -

1. One Corrugated Box
2. Three Small Bulbs
3. Gift Wrapping Paper
4. Cotton
5. Silky Cloth
6. Switch
7. Tape & Fevicol.
8. Colored Translucent Sheet
9. Connecting Wires + 1 Battery
10. Colored Writing Sheets
11. Ribbon
12. Gifting Items.

How to start-

1. Take one corrugated box. Size can vary depending upon the size of the gift and products you want to add in it. E.g. Here I have taken my Nike shoe box.
First I covered it with fevicol and cover it up with tissue paper. Allow it to get dry so that it gets bit hard on outside.

2 Then I wrapped the lower part with the blue gift-paper and filled the inside of the box with lots of cotton.

3. Next step is to put silk cloth over that cotton. The purpose is to make it plush! I went to the cloth shop in the nearby market, It was off white in color but my theme was bluish. They had a dye-shop too they dyed the cloth. this complete thing costed me around 40 Rs.

4. For upper lid ( the tricky part)- You need to make a circuit. It will seem to be an engineers work. But trust me it is damn easy. After making the circuit fix it on the upper side with a tape.

 For lighting bulbs:-


5. Fill the magical box with all the some manly products like I did.
Davidoff perfume, man bleach, Epsom salts, soap from Soulflower, Vaadi footscrub, VLCC face mask & sunblock cream, Nation face scrub, Fiama D wills shower gel and Just Herbs body luster pack.
It is a kind of way to provide them most of the things which they do need but won't buy.

P.S. Some of the products were like I will also get to use them *says the devil in me*

6. The Steel stand I have used I got them in my heels. I kinda liked them so thought of keeping them and using them somewhere without knowing they will find a better place than my heels.              

7. Don't forget to give it a more personal touch with small love messages for the loved ones wrapped around with a ribbon .🎀 JUst scatter them in the box.

8. To make a lock for the safe you can use a bobby pin and attach it with the upper lid. It will ease out the opening of it.


I hope you liked this DIY. Don't forget to share your links for some great DIY stuff.
Do tell me what you feel about it.

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    Please write a blog about how should a guy tell a beautiful super busy girl that he likes her so much.