How to Make Super Easy Healthy Breakfast for Detox At Home

Despite some ups and downs of life. There is one thing which never fails to add a smile to my face-"Good Food" This Sunday ...

Despite some ups and downs of life. There is one thing which never fails to add a smile to my face-"Good Food"

This Sunday I made something for myself and the final thing came out as unexpected. I made a bowl of fruit and vegetable salad, sandwich and orange juice at home.
And the best part is that you don't have to work hard for it. This is for the lazy peezies who don't want to spend hours in kitchen but want a wholesome start to the day.


1. 1 Carrot
2. 1 Cucumber
3. 1 pack Strawberries
4. 1 Banana
5. Lettuce (3 leaves)
6. 1/2 kg Black Grapes
7. Green Gram
8. 1 Kinnow
9. 1 Tomato
Or any other fruit you want to add like apples. papaya or pomegranate.
10. Black pepper sauce.
11. Brown bread



1. Wash all the things carefully.
2. Slice all the fruits.
3. Sprinkle a little amount of salt & black salt.
4. Squish a half  lemon over the salad
5. You can choose a salad sauce for your choice, I added a tbsp of black pepper sauce.
6. Mix it well with a spatula.

Total Time-15 minutes
Serving-2 persons

If you want to go a step ahead with your salad-
You can add a cutlet:

1. Boil 2 potatoes
2. Add mozzarella /cheddar cheese to the potatoes.
3. Make it in the shape of round cutlets.
4. Cover the both sides of the mixture with wheat flour and bread crumbs (grounded in the mixer).
5. Heat it in the olive oil.


1. Take 4 bread slices.
2. Heat them a little.
3. Spread nutella / cheese spread / jam according to your like.
4. Garnish them!

I made a mix of strawberry, sneaker chocolate and lettuce. Not aware how it will taste like, but it turned out amazing.

To be on the safe side, another mix was-

Put the bread on the tawa on the stove with medium flame→add cheese spread→put diced tomatoes, onions and capsicum→sprinkle oregano, salt and chili flakes→ add some ghee on the tawa →Let it heat for few seconds. Your crispy toast be ready in minutes.

Total Time-15 minutes
Serving-2 persons

I wanted to add avocado in my sandwich but these are not easily available in Indian food market. Though they are available on bigbasket or grofers but when I opened the site, unfortunately they were sold out.

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Hope you enjoyed this post!
Share your easy wheezy, ready in 2 minutes recipes 😼