How To Get A Glowing Skin In 5 Days

Happy girls are the prettiest Before starting with the post, I would like to tell you that these following steps are for any skin type....

Happy girls are the prettiest
Before starting with the post, I would like to tell you that these following steps are for any skin type. If you are suffering from acne, follow this post How to get rid of acne in 3 days
I have marked the steps that should be done daily in bold letters.

Day 1:

When you wake up, first thing you do is drink a glass of water/limejuice with no sugar added. I am mixing amla & karela juice in it. Doing this, not only fastens your metabolism but also removes toxins from your body. So do it on a regular basis.
Start your day with a regular cleansing, toning and moisturizing.
Use a gentle cleanser. A toner makes sure no oil or dust remains on the surface and is wiped out. End the routine with good moisturiser. This is the most basic thing you can pursue for the week.
Apply a good face pack of your own choice from the kitchen. Take a pinch of turmeric very minute, milk cream ( which gets deposited on the upper surface) and honey. mix them to make a paste. Let it dry on your face.
You can have an amla murabba once a day after your meals as a sweet dish.
Take care of the skin during night. Clean face properly before going to bed and apply a good quality night cream or serum to help skin heal itself at night. Practicing a night care regime is a must to get a radiant skin.  Make sure to remove all the makeup. your skin needs rest too!

Day 2:

Include fruits and vegetables like cucumber, tomato and lettuce in your diet to get essential vitamins and minerals.
You can also make fruit masks made of banana or beetroot. These are easily available things in Indian markets.
Drink lots of fluids or fruit/vegetable juices. My personal favorite is pomegranate juice. It works great for my facial glow. Make your own shots!

Day 3:

It is the exfoliation day. Use baking soda as a scrub it will remove all the white and black heads.
Apply face mask, I loved my first experience with coffee mask. I crushed few coffee beans, added few drops of rose water and milk to it. Here! I got a mix of scrubber face mask infused with coffee batters & then a moisturizer. Beware! use a sunscreen everday no matter even if it's cloudy outside.

Day 4:

Take a steam bath, while sitting and enjoying your spa. I have a secret hack to getting steam bath to my face. It can be hilarious to some of you👅😛 I put my face above boiling water on gas stove (kept on low heat). But be careful if you want to try this. Don't hurt or burn yourself.
Apply cucumber and yogurt pack to your face and under eyes after steam. You will find your skin color lightened afterwards.
Apply raw rituals serum after the face mask.
Maintain the night care as usual. Use rosewater before going to sleep.

Day 5:

Raise that lazy ass and do running or jogging for 15 minutes in the beginning. The timing can be increased gradually.
Do some facial exercises like say X and O thirty times. Surya namaskar and  start doing upside down pose up to the count of 60. Surya namaskar is like a complete yoga.

Especially, this pose in surya namaskar is beneficial for your hair and face. You, yourself will feel the flow of blood to your cheeks.
Rush of blood give your face a natural pink glow.
End this routine with the face massage. There is a technique to do it, not any which way you want to do. Doing it wrongly can result in early signs of aging and wrinkles. Come your way from neck to face , it should be upwards movement not from face to neck in the downward direction. Work on your frown lines.

Write your suggestions and tips which your mama has told you to get that glow!
Love you loads 💝💝


  1. This article has been very helpful. I will start tomorrow and share my results. Thanks


    1. Yo Ashley!! See you after 5 days with your results. FINGERS CROSSED :)

  2. This is such a comprehensive and sure shot way to improve our skin. I got a facial steamer last thanksgiving but I'm yet to get into the habit of using it on a daily basis. Thanks for reminding how simple changes can have such glowing results!

    1. :) so Veena this is kinda another reminder from shongruff. Have you been consistent with your daily skin care routine?

  3. I have one question, whether these tips are suitable for men’s? if not suggest me some tips to get glowing skin.

    1. Hi,
      Yes these tips are unisex :D
      It is just a theory that the men's skin is hard and needs different care. Practice with simple and natural home remedies you will notice the change yourself!