Flaunting The Patchwork With Missamore- Part 1

After a long time I am writing about styling. It feels good😊 This is my recent buying experience with  Missamore As you all must have...

After a long time I am writing about styling. It feels good😊
This is my recent buying experience with Missamore

As you all must have seen that patches are soooo in, this season! Yes that much in.
How could have I missed this trend? I just spunked on this cool, funky, mustard colored, patched shirt.
This made me nostalgic about my kiddo days when mommy used to buy such kinda shirts and also used to style 'em with big high waist shorts.(High waist because they were supposed to be worn for next 5 years too) Unlike today, the clothes in those days were just supposed to cover up with no intention of making us any fashionistas or so. That was gross man!

Okay! stories apart but that vogue is back again! Yo man I am the 90s kid #YOLO

I bought this patchwork snazzy story top from their website.
Before showing you some pictures I would love to brief you about few things-

1. Material-

Many of us get dicey while shopping online whether the product will be upto the mark or will it be any other cheap item.
I would like to say that don't worry about the stuff, it is really amazing.
This is my third time I have ordered something from Missamore. As far as stuff is considered they will score 5 on 5

2. Price -

Though I personally feel, some items are bit higher on the price end. But you will get exactly what you have paid for.

3. Styling -

Basically it is meant for a casual day out so I styled it with a jeans and a denim skirt along with matching accessories.
The way you style your hair will make or break the look.

Now some funny poses-

 a) I don't know whether to smile or grim wala face!

b) Jhaadi (Shrub) k piche wala look

c) Lelo! lelo (take take) Side se bi lelo pose

d) Trying to be sexy pose

e) Wtf m I doing here at 7 AM in the morning? Shouldn't I be sleeping pose

My hair was all messy.

 f) Extra pose

g) Oh look ! how much I am into nature wala look.

That's it, I like the next two pictures.

My hairdo was a mix of both straight & crimped and also a few braids left. Do tell me whether you will give a thumbs up or down for this look. Share your missamore experience too.

This is their another top, which I am eyeing on but in denim. Isn't it cool and snazzy!
Behind the scenes
In the end all I can say is..
Stay healthy so that you can get wealthy and do more shopping 😜
Next I am waiting for this fashion to be back, I want it to get deeper and...😈



  1. Cool Post :) You are so beautiful. Way to go gal 👍