6 Ways To Take Care Of Yourself During Periods

"There it ruined my cute lace underwear" "I think I am gonna die"  "I wish I were a boy " These are ...

"There it ruined my cute lace underwear"
"I think I am gonna die" 
"I wish I were a boy "
These are the common lines which you can hear from every other girl on her periods along with complains of cramps, bloating, weakness or even nausea every month af.
But sometimes it gets too much and you can't handle the shit without a medicine.

DISCLAIMER - This might not be helpful for the cases where the problem is much severe and they have been taking medications since the initiation of the menstruation cycles. 

There were times when it pained so bad, the pain was unbearable as if I am undergoing a labor. I was like I need a doctor immediately.
On one such poor day thankfully my friend was there, she went to grab some food for me before I consume any medicine and it subsided.
So the very first point is-


The uterus contracts during the cycle to expel a thick layer called endometrium which is covered with tissues and blood capillaries, which requires much energy. The muscles are stretched a lot during this process resulting in abdomen cramps. It is not because of the blood flowing but because our muscles have to work a lot.  
Whenever I have been surviving on a maggi or sandwich diet a day before 'the date'. I guarantee you it is going to be a painful one.
It is the result of my experimenting from few months that whenever I have skipped good nutritious food it resulted in a nuisance periods.


I drink any of these juices during first two days. I feel energetic and also by this habit we tend to drink juices which we might have ignored otherwise.
Pomegranate juice
Beetroot juice
Vegetable juice
Having pomegranate juice on these days will help to regain lost blood easily and add to the morning glow of your cheeks.


Rich in Iron, apples help in fighting anemia which is the prominent amongst girls.Banana is full of potassium and magnesium which can help to avoid cramps and reduce bloating. Besides eating healthy pamper yourself with chocolates, cakes and do whatever you want to do.


Although having hot showers relaxes your senses normally also. But in these 5 days- Sun, hot water, etc in short I prefer everything hot including men also. Jokes apart! Heat brings blood to your pelvic area and relaxes the muscles causing cramps in that area. During nights, I love sleeping hot rubber bottle under my back, it eases me of any discomfort or pain.


Yoga unwinds our body.
Women who exercises regularly must have noticed reduction in cramps gradually.
I have noticed that in the week before my cycles if I do surya namaskar regularly, my periods are very mild. You may read at some places that you should avoid surya namaskar during periods but that entirely depends on your choice, if you have heavy bleeding any strenous exercise should be avoided as it demands high energy and puts pressure on the abdomen.

Our aim is to soothe the pelvic area. So it's better to avoid inverted poses.
Yoga cures irregular periods caused due to-
1. Mental stress
2. Heavy Workout
3. Birth Control Pills


The underpants you choose decide your stress levels for the first 3 days. I prefer panties with comparatively smaller surface area and not a bigger one because with the smaller ones the pad stays intact and tight. Hence there are less chances of getting stained.
For a change, there are some good things about periods, which I am sure will make you feel better about it 😊

1. You live long and happy because of iron lost during periods. Presence of more iron can cause it to react with oxygen and form free radicals which results in faster ageing.

2. Menstruation is a natural cleanser- Its cleanses and purifies your body of impure blood every month.

Keep all these pointers in your mind and let's celebrate womenhood.
Please comment below with your suggestions and feedback.