Review Of Raw Rituals Cherubic Face Serum For Acne Scars And Skin Brightening.

Do you also relate to the agony of looking at the dull face and not so happy skin every morning? Life in a metro has its pros and cons. ...

Do you also relate to the agony of looking at the dull face and not so happy skin every morning?

Life in a metro has its pros and cons. Cons make your skin and hair suffer.
Tired of trying various bling, eye-catching products at store's shelf that claim to do wonders but end up surrendering. Secondly you are busy or too lazy to make home made serums.
Here, I have a good news for you!

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Raw Rituals have come up with some products and I got to try one of them- Cherubic face serum.
I could not find how old is the company. But considering its vision of bringing back long lost Indian rituals and modern therapeutic essentials found in various ingredients

What it claims to be -

100% Natural and Pure
Chemical and Preservative free
No animal testing
All vegetarian products used
No synthetic fragrance

What's good in it-

1. Rs 400 for 6 months is equivalent to Rs 66 per month. Amazing deal to get rid of those scar marks.

2. They make it on the receipt of order so as to maintain its shelf life and freshness.

3. I don't feel the need of any moisturiser after its application apart from my SPF when I am heading out.

4. I noticed the slight change in my face from the first usage itself.

5. Every product is made in small batches to maintain high quality.

6. It has a dropper to ease the application and minimalise the wastage of the product

How to Apply:

This is my first ever experience with a serum.
 Only 4-5 drops are to be used. Put 2 on cheeks, 1 on forehead & chin each, 1 chin and 2, I put it on my nose and upper lip area. Then with the help of my finger tip I massage the oil in circular motion till its absorbed.
It's better if you do in front of the mirror targeting the spots or just lying on the bed with eyes closed, gently massaging to give the soothing effect.


This is my face right after coming from a shower and application of serum.
The results purely depend on the intensity of your marks. With regular use it can surely help you.

I felt there is an increase in natural softness of my skin and doesn't dry my cheeks after a while. I had not enjoyed this effect anywhere else, that product would have either needed re-application or left my cheeks oily.
Since I have a combination skin (T- zone) with my experience I can say both oily and dry skinned people can enjoy its work. 


Jojoba oil, Sweet almond oil, Argan oil, Lavender essential oil, Pomegrante seed oil, Cedarwood essential oil, Lemon essential oil, Vitamin E oil.
Percentages are not mentioned on the bottle.

What it says Vs is it True to its claims?

All the claims made seem to be valid!

Apart from that-

It can be used for all the skin types
Makes skin soft and supple to touch naturally
No stickiness
Good fragrance of essential oils (Cedar and lavender being prominent).
Absorbs readily into skin.
Lightens the skin
No added fragrance like patanjali products
Simple and effortless to use.
No paraben
No alcohol. Alcohol make your skin dry & dehydrated.

PS: You should go through the ingredients not the advertisements.


1. May seem costlier to some.

Compared to the price of other serums in the market which start from Rs 500, I don't find it costly whereas it's organic too.

When compared to-

1. Patanjali Aloevera Gel - It scores more! As the former gel is having added fragrance and colours.

2. Patanjali AloeVera Kesar Chandan Gel - Our serum emerges as a Winner! As the former gel is having added fragrance and colours.

3. Vicco Turmeric Ayurvedic Cream - Again a Winner! As this serum adds to the softness whereas former one lacks in that. Otherwise vicco turmeric too is also good for skin related issues.


As they say "You owe it to your skin" I will rate it 4.8 / 5 and look forward to buy more serums and products from Raw Rituals.
This 3 inch pretty bottle has surely won its place into my beauty box.


You can get it from two places
1. Amazon
2. Rawrituals

I hope it will cure your scars and blemishes. It was one stop solution to my skin's needs.
In all, my skin liked the taste of it in the similar way my tongue likes the pizza.

Post your experience and queries in the comments.
Love <3