Ask A Pro - How To Know The Type Of Your Skin?

We all, at some point in our life, wonder " what is our skin type ?" We get confused while choosing any moisturizer because some...

We all, at some point in our life, wonder "what is our skin type?"
We get confused while choosing any moisturizer because sometimes our skin feels too dry and sometimes it is oily. Ugh! for god's sake tell me who you are? Show me the real you! you sissy.

Today I will share what I know about the subject. It is important for you also, to know the basics so that in future you can decide for yourself and don't have to freak out and ask others for minor issues.

Introduction -

With age, our skin changes its type depending upon the food we eat, nutrition, regional changes (climatic conditions) and cosmetics that we apply but the nature had made everything so clever, our body too knows how to take care of itself. It produces sebum to make a protective layer on our skin.

So of you may ask- What is sebum?
We have hair all over our body and with hair, are attached sebaceous glands secreting sebum

Functions of sebum :-

1. Protect and lubricate the surface of the skin.
2. Have you notices skin is easier to cut if dry than when its moist. This natural factory manufactures sebum which prevents the skin from drying out.
3. Oil and water do not get mixed. This oil surrounds the hair to protect it from water which makes it brittle.

So you see sebum is essential neither in excess nor in dearth.

The skin texture can be described by -

1. Water Content - It decides the elasticity of your skin. Like when you smile do you feel any pull in your cheeks that means you are short of hydration. It is dry and it seems that you are waiting for some drought like situation.

2.  Oil Proportion - It is for the softness of the skin. It acts as a protective layer between your skin and the atmosphere. Too much of it makes your skin oily which is, also not a happy condition.

It is important to know your skin type because you don't want to spend huge bucks on unnecessary products that won't solve your skin problems anyway. Moreover, the actual problem area needs to be addressed. Common! who does not want a healthy glowing pink cheeks.

4 Basic types of skin - 

1. Normal
2. Dry
3. Oily
4. Combination


Luck has fallen into your lap as there will be

  • No sensitivity issues.
  • No visible pores and pimples.
  • Perfect radiant skin.
  • Full of glow
  • Proper balance between water and oil.
  • Feels neither stretchy nor oily.
  • Healthy complexion, with no blemishes.
  • Needs mild care.
What you should do -
  1. Use SPF regularly.
  2. Use home remedies to maintain that glow and texture.
  3. Be regular with CTM.
  4. Do not take advantage of this gift by using harsh products. It can damage your skin
You will find fewer people with normal skin around. Lucky you too!


  • Small pores
  • Dull and lifeless skin
  • Less supple & no bounce
  • Prone to wrinkles
  • Visible lines, ages faster.
  • Flakiness.
  • Skin feels stretched and tight.
 What you should do -

  1. You need emollient (which penetrates inside the skin) or occlusive ( coats the skin) products. Occlusive is somewhat messy and gives you a sticky sensation for example vaseline or glycerine.
  2. Avoid too much AC as it removes moisture from the air. You can use humidifier in a room.
  3. Stay hydrated. Your skin is like a plant devoid of water.
  4. Have cold shower as it hydrates unlike hot shower which washes away oils and make it further dry
  5. Never leave your face dry after washing it. Immediately apply a face serum or moisturiser.

This is the most famous skin type. Also known as chip-chipi twacha. You must have seen the famous add people using oily skin for turning pages of a book. Skin acts as a oil producing well with which even a halwai can make the sweets ( Even a confectioner can make sweets with that oil )
You have oily skin if while using tissue paper, it turns translucent. Also there will be

  • Enlarged open pores as they are always secreting sebum
  • Feels oily all over.
  • Blackheads
  • Whiteheads - Forms of hardened oil.
  • Pimples and hence blemishes/scars - As open pores are susceptible to all the dirt and dust.

What you should do :
  1. Look for water-based or oil-free products and non-comedogenic creams, which do not clog your pores.
  2. Use gentle face wash. Strong products can irritate your skin and in turn skin will produce more oil.
  3. Clean your face three times a day. Not more than that as it will lead to an overreaction from sebaceous glands.
  4. Wash your face with cold water or you can apply ice packs too to reduce the pore size.

1. Soap helps- I used to apply soaps to dry my oily skin area but it is just an hallucination of getting oil-free as in order to regain the balance the skin tends to produce more oil.

2. NO moisturizers - It entirely depends what sort of product you are using. That's why some prior knowledge always helps. If you don't have the knowledge you can end up using moisturizer for dry or combination skin adding fuel to the fuel.

NOTE- We have to reduce sebum production not moisturization so keep a oil-free moisturizer handy.


This is my skin-type, where the T-region ( forehead, nose and little of cheeks close to nose) gets oily and side cheeks, chin and the whole of the body is dry like some drought prone area. This needs special attention as we need to take care of oily and dry skin separately as choosing the wrong products can worsen or even start a problem.

What you should do :

1. Avoid all the skin irritating creams which contain harsh chemicals.
2. There are some products claiming to attack both the skin issues. But it good to apply products according to the specific need of the skin area.
3. Don't use soap
4. Apply raw ritual face serum, it helped me. My skin appeared brighter and supple.

So if you too want that ageless beauty and look beautiful without make up, be natural and understand your skin first. As applying any product no matter how costly or from where it is imported, if it isn't meant for your skin- It's a waste!

I would suggest to follow home remedies as much as possible and exercise. I will upload more posts about natural remedies in future as mentioning everything in one post can the make the purpose . Do post your problems.

I hope it helped in understanding your skin type. For any queries, don't forget to comment and share your valuable feedback.
Loads of Love <3 :)


  1. This really was very informative.You should some stuff about guys too

  2. Thanks Vikas :)

    This post was meant for both guys and girls as they both have skin issues. Guys tend to be less bothered about theirs but that culture is changing now. Market is getting flooded with plethora of products so this post was give you some prior info about your skin and choose wisely.

  3. Hello Supriya
    Thanks for a well written and well explained post.Many people struggle to understand what kind of skin they have and you find people with sensitive skin using harsh soaps(did I say soap?) and chemicals.
    Im sure anyone lucky enough to read your post will know what to look for to determine what kind of skin and what to use.

    1. Hey Roamy :)
      It's feels great when a reader appreciates my work. Thank you so much!
      I hope the post spreads as much as possible to help people know about their skin better and find remedies accordingly, not asking for anybody else's recommendation because every person's skin is unique.