15 things You Should Know When You Are In Delhi's Famous Fashion Street Sarojini Nagar

हैल्लो गाइस ! आज  मैं  आपको डेल्ही की सबसे प्रख्यात मार्किट जहाँ बड़े बड़े ब्रांड्स, उनकी कॉपीज़ व नई डिजाईन एक दम सस्ते दाम में मिल जा...

हैल्लो गाइस !
आज  मैं  आपको डेल्ही की सबसे प्रख्यात मार्किट जहाँ बड़े बड़े ब्रांड्स, उनकी कॉपीज़ व नई डिजाईन एक दम सस्ते दाम में मिल जाती है and for those who have even slightest of a problem in understanding it, don't worry this post won't be in Hindi. I was just having फन  writing it. 

7 years in Delhi and only 4 visits to Sarojini, not fair!
I had never been a huge fan of the market because I think I couldn't bargain to the level it's required.
The Stuff which I Buy isn't good enough. I mean anyone merely by seeing it can tell it's a Sarojini maal, right? And after 1st wash it will either shrink too much or the peppiness of its colour will be vanished.

Recently I stumbled upon some bloggers like Aishwarya Kaushal and none other than our blogstar Sherry, there I got interested in visiting the market again. Though with some proper planning this time-

1. Best Time To Visit/ NO Monday Blues
  1. To reach the market, get down at INA Metro Station then take a shared auto, it will take Rs 10 and drop you at the entry within 10 mins. 
  2. On Mondays, the market is closed.
  3. Be it weekdays or weekends, you'll always find it full of people. 
  4. Schedule your next visit during the beginning of new season, you will find fresh stuff.

2. "Madam Boni Karado" Time

IMPORTANT POINT : Be there around 10:30-11 AM in the morning since it's a boni time ( it is a Good luck if they get morning business) So if you are their first customer, you will be treated no less than any king or queen.
You can get the cheap of the cheapest in the morning with meager bargaining.

Aah Snap! How did I miss that romper on the top side. Shit!! It's so cute :(

3. Bargaining 

You can find this point on every bloggers/vlogger's list because it is actually 'the crack'

1.If you think you suck at bargaining, Take your 'useful' friend along so that she can do this for you.
 Like I did *Wicked* 
This time I was surprised to see my bargaining skills. I totally cracked it.
The highest I paid for an item was 200 bucks.

For some bargaining tips and how to do it dramatically. I will soon upload a YouTube video this weekend (Link will be provided here on coming Saturday)

2. There is this shop where you will get accessories like bangles, anklets, neck pieces & earrings at flat Rs 30. There was huge crowd gathered around his small table.

4. A Big BAAAG

If you are carrying own bag there are two benefits-
  1. You won't look like a donkey carrying so many polybags in your hands. One bag is handy, just keeping tossing all the bought stuff in it.
  2. It is Eco-friendly too, just ask the shopkeeper to avoid the polythene as there won't be any such requirement when you are carrying your own bag.

Between this picture is for reference, I carried a big jute bag, will show you on my first ever vlog.

5.  List of Items

Make a checklist of items you want to buy.
I had ripped white shorts, off shoulder tops, some cold shoulder, crop tops and many more other stuff. Though couldn't find many of them there but yes I had a clear mind what I want and what I don't.
I made a very personalized list like this, very much personalized indeed!

6. Always Cash Ready

There won't be any card swiping machines at the shops. So keep money handy according to your shopping list.

The seller of this wallet came whispering in my ears, it's original, I'll give for 1000 only. I got it down to Rs 150.

7. Set your targets

  • This time I kept 2000 bucks only with me so that I don't get carried away and decided to stick to it, but I ended up doing a better job *ting*

I will tell you one story-

The very first time, I went to Sarojini was when I came here for my college admissions.
My cousin, who lives in Delhi, coaxed me to come along with her to buy new clothes for my first semester. She was an ardent shopper and I was buying anything and everything I liked. She also didn't stop me. I splurged in Sarojini, which is generally not advised.
Rs 1500-2000 should be your limit and all those things were a waste! I don't even remember when I actually used them.
  • Warn your partner in crime to keep a check on you. Don't let you spend. Tell him to remind you of all your shopping regrets and broke days. It's fun.

If you are searching for lighting up your newly built home with some cool shades, curtains & cute pillows-this is the place to be. You can get everything for home decor at amazing cheap prices.

8. Patience is the key

Boys won't get it, but yes we girls like checking prices at different shops so that we get 'the best at the better price'. So
 Keep Calm
It's Sarojini Nagar
You will definitely find other stuff, don't lose hope. Don't succumb to higher prices.

It can get very cheap if you find perfect shop and you show off your best bargaining skills.
Even school girls were seen buying jewellery there. Don't worry girls I have taken a back shot your parents won't come to know you were bunking ;)

9. Be an Inspector!

If the shopkeeper just packs the stuff in the polythene, don't trust him blindly.
  • You should check first for any shoddy stuff.
This time what happened was the very first thing that we were about to buy was defective.
The denim jacket was completely unstitched on its one side. I forgot to take it picture. But it was a complete waste. When we showed him, he acted surprised. May be he actually was but you should be careful.

10. Wear Flip-flops

Since you gotta walk for 4-5 hours, ballerinas or any other flat sandals can't match the comfort that flipflops will give you. No redness, cuts and your feet will get the air to breathe in.

11. Know Your Size

Since there are no trial room, only in some showrooms like incense. It's better that you have an idea what will fit you and what not coz there won't be any trial rooms.

12. Myth Buster!

Who said it's all girls' world. Boys, you can find everything here like from hip-hop bottoms to funky caps. Belts, T shirts, shoes and what not at stunning prices.
So next time don't say no to your girlfriends to accompany them.
It's from a personal experience that if girls get boys along with them for shopping. Guys end up buying more stuff for their sisters, mother, sister-in law and list goes on.

13. Learn To Say NO.

Some sellers like those who carry their own handbags will follow you like hell if you showed even a little interest. If you don't want it just say no. Tell them clearly earlier you were interested but now you changed your mind. Simple!

14. Count Your Money

Whenever you pay and get any balance money back, count it.
Many a times, it has happened that seller and us get stuck at some rate while getting the prices down.
E.g., He will say no no pay 170 and we are no 150 is final. While showing us that he agreed, he hands over a change for 170 Rs.
Sometimes we overlook what we get back. But remember in Sarojini for that Rs 20 you can get some other thing for you. Be smart there.

15. Wash

The stuff is kept hanging there day and night and then the next day too the same story. It is being touched by so many hands and thus so many germs and bacteria.
It's hygienic to get your clothes washed first before you wear them.

I made her do so that I can see which colour is looking better. Haha! Isn't she looking funny? She is gonna kill me after this blogpost.

Look at that red dress with cut pattern at its back. I don't understand how I missed this dress there when I actually wanted a red dress. This happens when you make a run time list on your hand and are busy clicking pictures *SARCASM*

For years, I have misunderstood this market. But my this time visit came to me as an eye opener, so many good quality clothes, you just have to  keep your eyes open and see around.
Lots of Love and don't forget to Comment, Share & Subscribe!
See you soon.


  1. Such a great post. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Awesome post, good ideas for customer who wanna to go first time in this market.

    1. Yes during my first visit to the market, I made a lots of such mistakes.
      It feels good that you found the post worth it.
      My hard work gets rewarded with such feedback only :)

  3. ha ha.. awesome.. :)
    nice pointers :P ...will surely go to sarojini when i'll go delhi..!!