Review Natio's YOUNG Polish Face Scrub For That Morning Glow

Hello everybody, how are you all? Today I am gonna talk about a Natio product which I have been using since 3 months now. We all use fa...

Hello everybody, how are you all?
Today I am gonna talk about a Natio product which I have been using since 3 months now.
We all use face wash and scrubs to get rid of blackheads and dead dull skin.
I always wanted to put a review of this one.

Brief Intro of Natio :

'Natio' is an well known Australian brand established in 1993 meaning birth or goddess of nature that has entered Indian market via online selling.

It claims that its products are made on the principle of aromatherapy which blends all the essential oils from plants and aromatic flowers to relax and soothe body, mind and spirit, bespeaking the relaxed lifestyle for which Australia is famous.

Natio basically showcases plant-based beauty care products.

What this Face Polish claims & How to Use it :

For oily and combination skin type

What it actually does : Rating (4/5)****

Now the actual review of it has started.

Excellent packing with flip-top nozzle not a pump type gently squeezes out an appropriate amount of gel. Hence travel friendly.

The colour of the tube is minty and feels you are holding on something superior in your hands which looks expensive. It is a good-looking scrub adding luxurious touch to your washroom. The product enhances the overall look and adds grandeur.

The gel consists of fine grains which are very mild on your skin. It feels very nice on your face that you will keep on rubbing your face for minutes and it doesn't dry away while you are scrubbing and after scrubbing because of its good aqua and essential oil content. It moisturizes your skin leaving it soft and pulpy.

Can be used both by men & women. In fact I came to know about it through a male friend only. No such thing like men has got hard skin and bla bla. It is amazing trust me! He is very happy with the product.

The scrub is true to its words, it actually gently polishes your skin, doesn't hurt or leaves it red afterwards. It doesn't feel like most of the scrubs in the market. Grains are very soft even if compared to any other mild scrub.

Very useful for sensitive and acne-prone skin. It will tenderly exfoliate without causing any rash and can be used on daily basis.

It has a very faint delicious fragrance. Skin feels freshness.

Composition: Rating (3/5)***

Lavender to help cleanse and balance.
Grape Seed to help dissolve grime, balance skin and provide moisture. 
Mandarin to help refresh, cleanse and improve skin texture.
Free from PARABEN.
It is free of any harmful substance. Perfectly safe to use.

Price : Rating (2.5/5) **1/2
Rs 595  for 100 ml pack. May be because it is imported!

Results: Overall rating (3.2/5) ***

Natio YOUNG Polish Face Scrub works as a superhero!
It shows Natio has done some hard work both on outer and inner thing. 

Price may seem to be bit high but worth a try. You can use for 2-3 months depending on your use. If twice or thrice a week this has 3 months way to go.

Unisex product. Must try for boys who want a change from stereotype men products.

It is more than a facewash and helps keeping blackheads at bay.

Recommendation ( Yay or Nay) :

Definitely a YAY, recommended for sensitive and acne-prone skin. (oily / dry) .
But I would not buy it for next 4 to 5 months as I have other products to try & provide you with reviews :D

You can also try the whole 'YOUNG' starter kit consisting of Cleanser, Scrubber, Toner and Moisturizer which will cost you around Rs 1295 /-

WASH with cleanser
Then scrub
FRESHEN with Oil Control Toning Lotion

I have not tried these products apart from scrub. I love calling it polish. FACE POLISH!
If you have tried any of them, do share your experiences in the comments below.

Love to all <3