Journey To The Land Of Royals - Jaipur

Since now I have stopped preparing for my MBA exams & started living my life, Twas time to visit Jaipur this Independence Day. The be...

Since now I have stopped preparing for my MBA exams & started living my life, Twas time to visit Jaipur this Independence Day.

The beginning itself was heart-pumping as no matter what time I leave for my destination I end up getting late. On platform no.2, 6:05 AM was the scheduled departure of Ajmer Shatabdi express. I reached station at 6. I ran straight, cutting through the crowd, disguising police and not going through any checking and wuaat THE !!You have climbed the wrong set of stairs, it's a dead end they have closed this way. I was completely sure now, i can't get into the train. Now instead of making another wrong decision which I couldn't afford as 2 mins have already passed, three mins were left. Also nobody seemed interesting in helping. Somehow I got my way & entered platform no 16 side.

Some 20 mins ago -
Me: Driver Take me to the Ajmeri gate side .
He: Madam, I think this platform will be on Paharganj side.
Me: No, No It's Ajmer Shatabdi will be on Ajmeri gate side.

Such a lame of me to think like that. Run....Run .Run Fire in the mountains!
Saw platform no.2 I knew that train would have left as it was 6:04 already. My hair was all loose now which was tied in a pony. But I have a very good quality in me that I don't lose hope  until the last breath.
The train was there and I was seeing ticket collector standing near a bogie with his set of passengers list. It seemed as if he was waiting there with an aarti ki thaali.

My girl gang met me after 1 hour they got in from Gurgaon station. We got very nice seats the journey was no less than any international one, a big window on your side and a table on your front, We enjoyed our meals on the way.
Day 1 we did almost nothing just had fun and some tidbits like Jal Mahal, Hawa Mahal, Choki Dhani that's it.

Next day We headed to City Palace and Nahargarh Fort.

Where can you get them

Metallic sandals AJIO My Foot Flats

Black Choker KOOVs Eristona Necklace

Below these are the pictures from Nahargarh Fort.
Pre Scriptum : The make up was limited to Liner from Maybelline New York Colossal Kajal and Lipstick also by Maybelline Lip Gradration.
I have become a huge fan of these products of Maybelline as they not only don't smudge but provide day long cover and the Lipshade is so smooth on application. It feels like velvet. Never used any product like this before.

We roamed in an Autorickshaw there. But the make up didn't show any signs of tiredness and heat.
I was visiting Jaipur for the first time. Main aim was to experience the royalness in its air. I have got all these pictures from the beast Oneplus3, no DSLR pictures. I really liked them so just thought of writing a blog post about it.

With having fun, I got my work also done. Great! isn't it?

Somehow I ended up wearing Tricolour on the Independence day itself. Seriously it was not something I planned just the Maxi Dress and the umbrella I bought it from City Palace as it was very hot around 2 PM when we got there. I felt patriotic; becoming the flag myself :D

It's me contemplating life :P

A picture with a person who guards royal family inside.
P.S. He charged us for getting clicked with him. 
I love my friends with whom I can be all myself & they don't let you do the stupid crazy things alone.

I hope you liked my post, help me with your suggestions and feedback.
Love to All <3


  1. i LIKED this post. I can understand why the writing is less as these pictures depicted all your journey to the different locations of Jaipur. LOv You :*

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by. Will definitely get you more stuff in future. Love you back :)

  2. You look simply cute. Amazing place. Loved your choker.

    1. Thankyou Vidya for the compliment :)
      Your page has lots of amazing stuff. Keep the good work going!

  3. Hey, The way of description is not so good.

    Shifa Godil

    1. Hi Shifa,
      I am so sorry that you didn't like the article.
      I was new to the field that time. But that's not an excuse. Please let me know where can I improve.
      It would be great of you and thanks for the criticism. It was required :)

  4. very nice white dress. best dress for summer. would love to have it. keep posting.

    1. Hahaha! Hitesh you gave me a good laugh.. Thanks for it :D
      Also thankyou for your sweet comment. BTW for whom do you want this dress? I would love to send the same :)